Hilarious twist to the morphing Epstein/Robach/ABC/CBS/leaker drama

Recent events make my two posts on the Amy Robach (see this and this) Epstein-scoop-that-never-was — by the way, I mispelled her name as “Rorbach” — illustrate a fundamental alt-epistemological principle, namely, you never really know what is going on! So why do I even bother?  — I ask myself. Well, because, basically, I’m addicted to “the news,” in fact it’s my root addiction I’ve decided, since it began when I was five years old, reading headlines to see if the world would end that day, and has continued, unabated, ever since.

To bring myself up to date: A few days ago I saw I that CBS, which was in cahoots with ABC, fired the wrong person. Oh my! And even more hilarious, now we see that whoever the leaker is, he or she still works for ABC, and appears to be busy trolling, or  detonating? — that MSM propaganda outlet. YES!

ABC scrambles to figure out identity of Amy Robach leaker, who goes by the name of “Ignotus”

Ignotus is a character in the Harry Potter series. One of Harry’s ancestors, Ignotus wore a “Cloak of Invisibility.”



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