Perp Walk? Mayor DeBlasio in Veteran’s Day Parade

Check this out, a scene from yesterday’s Veterans Parade in NYC. Mayor DeBlasio, walking with flag, to a chorus of angry boos.





Note especially, the last sentence, referring to CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN, which have been at this point outed by both the NXIVM and Epstein scandals, among many many others, at every level of society — local, state, national, international — corrupting the institutions of religion, sports, entertainment, financial, Hollywood, media, politics — on and on and on.

So, is the public ready for the big reveal? If Q is correct, then indictments will be starting during these final two months of 2019.

And, let us do remember: Evil lurks in the heart of every human, even me, even you. Have compassion for those who have allowed temptation to soil their souls.











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2 Responses to Perp Walk? Mayor DeBlasio in Veteran’s Day Parade

  1. James says:

    Hmm, maybe they should have taken their cue from the Bolivians, who did a real number on one of their own mayors, with the public head shaving & red paint bath. Or perhaps DeBlasio deserved just a little worse…

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