Green Acres Village, late October: Friday work party — harvest, and cleanup.

Time to pick goji berries, our first ever crop of this deliciousness, from the food forest in front of 2601 DeKist. An overnight friend of mine from California joined us. Little did she know she would get roped into our regular Friday work party!

And to dig up potatoes. Here’s Charisse (Rebecca) showing us how to dig them up without cutting into any of them.

Okay, let’s go!

Those tasks were in the front of DeKist 1 and DeKist 2. Next, we trooped into the main, original garden, at the side of DeKist 1, which happens to be at the corner of DeKist and Overhill.

This garden began as a neighborhood garden with permaculture workshops, back in 2010-2011, and has evolved, since then, into the foundation  of what we began to call, about four years ago, Green Acres Village.

Let’s see, where are we and what are we doing?

Okay. Here comes Charisse, who tells us that our task here today is to cut up spent plants, lay them back on the beds, with cardboard over the top, and hopefully straw over that, for the winter. (The straw, cardboard, chopped plants, and other carbon matter will decompose over the winter to create more soil.)  But we have yet to buy and transport the straw. Need a pickup. Hmmm? Whose? Because our hoped for  chip drop has not arrived. (Usually, we dig up the rotting chips in the paths and spread them on the beds, and put new chips down on paths.)

So that’s why Charisse (Rebecca) decided we could use cardboard instead; she and Camden made a trip to our local co-op, Bloomingfoods, to get pumpkin cartons. Brought back lots of them, in order to get started. A week later, I’ve been raking leaves for an hour every afternoon, and covering some of the beds with them. We’re also still looking at straw on top of leaves, or cardboard.

Camden strips tomato cages from the plants. Notice cardboard already on one of the beds.

Charisse chops up spent plants.



Notice the straw pile in the background of the above photo? That’s a pile of “hot straw,”  from the chicken coop. This pile will function as manure usually does in the next compost pile which Camden and Alex got right on making, after the work party. Here’s the chicken coop cleaners, job well done: Andreas and Gabby.

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