November 3, 2019: So what actually happened yesterday?

NOTE: See yesterday’s post.


After 93 days. A time span which, it turns out, was deliberate, designed, so meaningful that it amounts to yet another Q proof and makes me, and anyone who realizes the larger implications, once again recognize that Q employs mastery over the space/time field.

Why? Because 93 days had been mentioned in a post a few days earlier, in late July, inside brackets, signifying a kill box. Which I discovered when I read one of the twitter posts Q referred to in the 4th and final of yesterday’s new posts. To wit:

Supposedly, Q had gone dark because the 8chan platform had gone down, and needed to be replaced. A while ago, we learned that a replacement platform, 8kun, would go up, and host the Q posts. Which it did. But: was that the real reason Q went down? Or was that just the excuse.

Go to for the new posts.  And do read the twitter references in yesterday’s fourth, and final one.

RIG FOR RED: what does that mean? Supposedly, it’s a submarine term, referring to a change to red light for easy adjustment of eyes for those looking out the periscope into darkness, just prior to surfacing. Q has been down inside the deep (state), and now surfaces into darkness?

Meanwhile, another twitter note, referenced by Q yesterday in the post above, speaks to just when Durham was actually chosen, as interim prosecutor, by Sessions, when he was the AG. Remember that? Actually, that was way back in 2017, precisely on October 28, the very day the very first Q post went up (but under a different name), and then Trump chose him for the actual prosecutor,  several days later,  on November 1, 2017, when the moniker “Q” actually began to be used.


And notice: this Durham appointment occurred exactly two years and one day prior to when Q just now went up again, yesterday, on November 2, after mnysteriously going down, for 93 days exactly.

So, two Q proofs in one post, both demonstrating Q’s mysterious mastery of the fabric of time and space.

Okay, now let’s get even more out-there, and notice how the Q posts also seem to be correlated with astrology, which is, after all, the study of  the structuring of (solar system) SPACE through (planetary) TIME (cycles).

Here’s the chart for the final Q post, August 1.


Notice that Saturn and Pluto are close to one another there, and still are, of course, leading up to their actual exact conjunction in January 2020.  In fact, Saturn, Rx at the time of that post, turned to go direct at 13°54 in September, and is now back exactly to where it was, at 15° Capricorn, on August 1.

But what I really want to call to your attention here:  notice the clumping of planets in royal, self-assured Leo at the Midheaven. This final drop on August 1 came just after New Moon, but timed to cross the Midheaven, and so prominent. Meanwhile, notice the most important fact about this post, given its timestamp: eruptive, unpredictable Uranus in Taurus sits within two degrees of the Descendant, squaring both Sun and Venus, and signifying, it turns out, A BREAK.

(Remember, planets on angles, the horizontal (Ascendant/Descendant) axis and the vertical (Midheaven/Immum Coeli) axis are most prominent, because timed by the 24 hour cycle of the earth going round, once. That means these four angles move approximately one degree every four minutes, and conjunctions to any of them indicate what especially needs to be noticed in a chart.)

Okay, now let’s turn to the chart that signified Q’s return on November 2, after 93 days. We knew just from that precise number of days (the Sun moves one degree per day)  that the Sun in the second chart would be in Scorpio approximately 90° from the Leo Sun, i.e., “square” the Leo Sun,  of the first chart.

If Q had seemed masterful before (Leo), now his Scorpio return indicates Q’s extreme power, used to root out corruption.

Notice, in this chart, that the Moon (at 21° Cap) has just barely moved past Pluto (at 20° Cap).

Notice as well, that Mars at 19° Libra is (squaring) triggering Pluto — and will continue to do so through Tuesday, November 5. All of “Red October,” through Nov 5, is the TIME OF ACTION.

Okay, now go to what I REALLY want you to notice, the Ascendant and the Midheaven of this chart, which feature Neptune (on the Ascendant) and Jupiter (at the Midheaven), bringing the expansive (Jupiter) mystery (Neptune) of the Q mastery of the space/time field into high relief. This is what’s crucial about this chart, this Q proof, this recognition that “coincidences” are never haphazard, random, but instead, deeply meaningful. That each planet of now separating Jupiter/Neptune square (which I talked about especially in this post), would nearly exactly conjunct the angles of the chart of Q’s surfacing from the deep, is, let’s face it, by any normal 3D accounting, truly a MIRACLE.

I’ll end on this note: two videos Of DJT, his message consistent across nearly 40 years.

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