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COPENHILL “stacks functions” to the max!

Rather than pouring creative energy into more and more lethal weaponry, this is what human brilliance can be used for: “hedonistic sustainability,” as the designer of this power plant with ski hill and much much more, calls it. YES! Though … Continue reading

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Do you plan to donate your body when you die?

If so, you might think twice about that. First of all, your organs may be “harvested” before you’re dead. The Disputed Death of an Eight-Year-Old Whose Organs Were Donated Furthermore, there’s BIG MONEY in body parts. In the rush to … Continue reading

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#EndEndlessWars gains momentum

Let’s reiterate what is coming down the pike astrologically:  the now forming Saturn/Pluto conjunction, exact in January 2020, is prelude to the first ever Return of Pluto to its own Natal Place in the U.S. chart (ca 2021-2025). Have you … Continue reading

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SGT Report: California Under Attack AGAIN

For morel, please see these:

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RED OCTOBER: The Presidential Gloves are now, apparently, OFF.

I watched part of Trump’s fiery, potty-mouthed speech in Minneapolis last night and was blown away by his change in tone. No more playing by anybody’s rules but his own. It’s about time, given the level of corruption this nation … Continue reading

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“The hardest thing I have to do as President” . . .

Might this account for his #EndEndlessWar stance? Remember, Trump has his natal Venus and Saturn, conjunct, in the vulnerable, home-loving, emotional sign of Cancer; remember that this difficult conjunction is opposed by the current, transiting Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn during … Continue reading

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Is Trump channeling John Lennon? IMAGINE!

This October 9th morning, on John Lennon’s 70th birthday, two new #ENDENDLESSWARS tweets by our president. Yes!

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New Trump hashtag: #EndEndlessWars!!!!!

Remember, remember: we are now inside the historic run-up to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction (exact January 2020), itself prelude to the first return of Pluto to its own natal place in U.S.A history (ca. 2022-2025) — see this, and this. The … Continue reading

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