Want a Crash Course on how Symbolism infects Society?

Check this out. A site that is “not about the deceptive noise of words, but about the silent truths of symbols.” From weirdly satanic pop star extravaganzas to The Georgia Guidestones, to the horrific paintings on wall of the Denver Airport, to the inner workings of Eyes Wide Shut, to Mind Control protocols, and more — a read through these top 10 VC posts is just about guaranteed to wake up anyone who is still just barely peeking out from their comfy bed covers to recognize the continuous subtle and blatant onslaught of mass media programming.

10 Years of Truth: The Top 10 Vigilant Citizen Articles. 

Denver Airport wall mural. I see now that this mural, as well as eleven others, as of the summer of 2018, were to be removed due to airport remodel. True? Have they been removed? And IS this the reason?


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