Can Technology Defeat Nature?

AND: Is this THE question of the millennium?

Or, the obverse: can we assume that no matter what human beings invent and construct,  the result will always eventually be re-absorbed within the natural order?

(A small example, plastic, something human-created out of Nature’s materials (most of which) we say is not biodegradable. But as George Carlin pointed out, in a wicket rant on human hubris, “non-biodegradable” just means that Nature takes a long time to compost.)

Yes, no matter what our fears of technological takeover, robotics, transhumanism, etc., is the complete replacement or transmogrification of Nature’s organic structures and processes by A.I. even possible?

Not if the map is never the territory. And IF Nature (the territory) is both infinite and thus infinitely mysterious, then complete mapping of ALL the “variables” is never possible. Thus, Technology can never actually replace Nature, no matter how specific, detailed, complex, dynamic, and tyrannical it proves to be — at least in the long run, though it may take a millennium or more to find out.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Interesting eagle synchronicity – have you seen this?

    After the drone attacks in Saudi Arabia, I would start worrying intensely about the AI problem if eagles are following the migration habits of drones in order to feed themselves…

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