Big Medicine’s Opioid Crisis: Aberration or Logical Outcome?

It’s been many years since I last “entered” the medical system. In the past 46 years, I have only been inside that trap door twice, both within about the last decade.  Once for a broken wrist (I appreciated the surgeon’s skill), another for symptoms that appeared, at the time, to be appendicitis. This turned out to be a mistaken diagnosis, and sent me on a wild goose chase over four years, which frankly, I didn’t take too seriously, and which ended with the sudden, unexpected death of the doctor who was treating me!

“I don’t do doctors,” not because I don’t get sick, but because I have been able heal myself in non-allopathic ways. These ways include acupuncture, nutrition, walking, chi kung, tai chi and yoga, early bedtimes, naturopathic, homeopathic and intuitive healers of various kinds. At this point, I have weekly acupuncture treatments to help address my long-standing (19 years!) hand tremor and rebuild my nervous system.

Always, foremost among my own healing methodologies is to pay close attention to what my body (and therefore the unconscious, via dreams, synchronicities, part of the body affected, etc) is trying to tell me, reading its symptoms as symbols, signs, of what must be attended to on emotional/mental/spiritual levels as well as the physical. At nearly 77 years of age, perhaps I will “require” more medical attention as time goes on, perhaps not. I don’t plan on trying to live forever, or even to attempt to extend my lifespan beyond its natural closure.

I envisage conscious closure in several ways: 1) the very best: to learn how, not just accidentally, but intentionally, to astral project, so that “when the time comes,” i.e., when my presence is no longer useful to others, I decide to leave this body like some fabled Eastern monks do — having declared that at the end of that day’s meditation, my dead body will still be sitting there; or, if that fails, then 2) VSED (Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking), a one to two week process, either alone or with family and friends gathered around me. Or, again: 3) there are times when I can imagine myself, like a wild animal (and some domestic animals), vanishing into the wild when the time has come (after first alerting loved ones, not to my location, but to my intent).

In any case, it’s when I come across stories like this one that my long-held understanding of the capitalist industrial/pharmaceutical medical system as actually a “get and keep ’em sick” scam is vindicated. Not because the individuals within it are usually evil and plotting. Rather, dutiful, obedient, and often, dedicated to service, like most adults they “go to work” in order to put food on their tables and pay down their mortgages and other debts. And certainly, not that there aren’t dedicated healers in the allopathic world. Thank goodness some do manage to remain inside this bloated bureaucracy with their souls intact, and hopefully, to influence it, at least at the margins, from within.  It takes a strong, courageous spirit to do so, and I bow to their endurance.

Opioid Crisis: Aberration or logical outgrowth of a psychopathic for profit healthcare system?


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