Green Acres Village, September-mid-October: so many events and changes!

There have been so many events, and so many photos taken during them, both community dinners and work parties, plus, a switch-over of houses for both Charisse (Rebecca) and Gabrielle, plus a new business, our Air B&B, that I just don’t feel like writing a story about each of them. Instead, I asked Gabrielle to make some kind of slide show out of some of the 85 photos I had collected, so she did, and also, did write a story about the big switch. So, head on over to —

— and get the scoop!

Meanwhile, Shadow and I decided to go to Griffy Lake this morning, our very favorite nearby trail. A cold, beautiful day in an unusually dry October. 


Oh yeah, and one more thing. Yesterday I cleaned up my desk and came across a newsletter that I had saved, just because it’s so amazing. This is from Mathematical Reviews, in Ann Arbor, where my deceased husband Jeff Joel had worked from 1973 to 1991 before meeting me and instantly moving to my yurt in Wyoming.

We call him “Saint Jeff” now, because his legacy made possible our Green Acres Permaculture Village. Here’s a little altar that we set up for him on the trunk of a dead felled tree (which ended up forming our first hugelkulture bed), near our patio (which used to be a basketball court), where we hold community dinners. I know he enjoys life here, and “has my back,” whenever I need him.

I decided to photograph relevant parts of the newsletter, so I could finally throw the damn thing away. 


Notice just how many reviews this prodigious intellect produced. And as I told him, over and over again, during the 12 years we were together, “Your heart is even bigger than your brain.” And it was! I do feel that his fatal heart attack came about because, when he finally did pry open that enormous spiritual heart, the physical heart just couldn’t keep up. (For more, see my memoir of life with Jeff, This Vast Being.)


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