RED OCTOBER: The Presidential Gloves are now, apparently, OFF.

I watched part of Trump’s fiery, potty-mouthed speech in Minneapolis last night and was blown away by his change in tone. No more playing by anybody’s rules but his own. It’s about time, given the level of corruption this nation has been subject to for decades, and more and more of which is coming to light — to the point where even those who still hate Trump cannot help but wonder what is going on.

The part about Biden and son went viral, as it should have.

Trump belittles Bidens with graphic language as chaos unfolds outside arena

Tonight, another massive rally, this one in Louisiana, and I wonder whether he will bring up today’s news about leftie journalist Shep Smith, who either quit or was fired from Fox News on the day after Bill Barr met with Rupert Murdoch. When asked by reporters on his way to Louisiana, about Shep Smith, he trolled them, “Oh, is he leaving? That’s terrible. I presume it was because he had bad ratings.”

Next up, a rally in Dallas, TX, on October 17th, just as Mars begins to crest in its square to Saturn/Pluto. Just think, all this ferment, with only the Sun providing illumination. Once Mars stirs the pot, what kind of actions will be in the offing? (For my sense of the intense astrology of RED OCTOBER, See recent posts.)



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