“The hardest thing I have to do as President” . . .

Might this account for his #EndEndlessWar stance?

Remember, Trump has his natal Venus and Saturn, conjunct, in the vulnerable, home-loving, emotional sign of Cancer; remember that this difficult conjunction is opposed by the current, transiting Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn during its entire runup to exactness in January 2020; furthermore, remember that this Saturn/Pluto conjunction marks the prelude to this nation’s first ever Pluto Return to its natal place after 248 years — an utterly crucial historical process, when the manner in which this nation is governed will either be demolished or completely transformed. And finally, this “Red October” may indeed be an appropriate moniker, given that first Sun and then then Mars square that Trump Venus/Saturn opposition to the current Saturn/Pluto conjunction up through the first week of November, with the most action-oriented time starting about October 19.  (See previous recent posts)

Simon Parkes, a man whom I have learned to appreciate, has a similar message.


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  1. Placing Marines on full alert reserve status was just confirmed by a DOD briefing this morning Oct 11, 2019, in an Oh-by-the-way comment – business as usual, if I understand what I thought I heard the General running the briefing state https://tinyurl.com/yymq9272.

    There are multiple scenarios being addressed in the full alert status, both domestic and foreign. It is the domestic and the Presidential office confronting the Deep State and maintaining good military order that engages the negative powers domestically.

    October is considered the month of active cleansing behind the scenes. While Turkey captures the headlines, it’s actually a ploy. The real action is behind the scenes in ending a pedophile ring of staggering Lucifarian dimensions with global reach. Pray for the office of President to succeed in this epic battle.

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