Is Trump channeling John Lennon? IMAGINE!

This October 9th morning, on John Lennon’s 70th birthday, two new #ENDENDLESSWARS tweets by our president. Yes!

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4 Responses to Is Trump channeling John Lennon? IMAGINE!

  1. Kay says:


    I think you are out of your fucking mind!

    Really ~ comparing Trump to John Lennon ?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yep. Except for Kennedy, never before has a president insisted on getting out of endless wars, going directly against both Dems and RINOs and most war hawks still embedded in the various agencies. If he gets re-elected, and successfully shifts our entire economy from war-making to constructive activity, he will have secured a top spot in American history.

  2. What’d he say?
    Truckee, Ca

    Scott Stevenson was arrested last night.

    He must have started the fire in the Tahoe National Forest. There it was. His camp was on fire. Local fire department put it out.

    Police Chief reported we brought in and locked up Scott.

    Scott was apparently homeless and hallucinating. He Was telling the Chief he had visions of the bush burning as it spoke to him. Truckee police are doing what they can to help this poor delusional fellow.

    No one has thought to ask Scott, what did the Burning Bush say?

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