New Trump hashtag: #EndEndlessWars!!!!!

Remember, remember: we are now inside the historic run-up to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction (exact January 2020), itself prelude to the first return of Pluto to its own natal place in U.S.A history (ca. 2022-2025) —

see this, and this.

The Pluto Return time is all about POWER. The right and wrong use of power. The United States simply, must either grow up and stop trying to dominate, or die. Period.

With uncanny timing, at the end of the first week of Red October, DJT threw down the gauntlet: :

It appears that, now that neo-con John Bolton is out, he’s finally taking charge, and doing what he promised to do when elected! And of course, he has to thump his military chest the whole time, even so, in order to satisfy all those who simply crave and are getting rich off military might, and so terrified to lose it.

Then, yesterday, in response to Turkey going into northern Syria, this new tweet, containing one of this “stable genius”‘s  hilarious trolling phrases, designed to drive RINOs and DEMOs totally crazy.

Sure enough, everybody on both sides of the aisle hate his decision to #endendlesswars. I do think it’s important to realize just WHY he’s focused so strongly on making the U.S. energy independent, including fracking, new oil wells, other environmental-polluting technologies. It’s to get us out of the mideast. Because, we all know that our wars there have always been about OIL.

(Remember, however, that DJT’s uncle, MIT Professor John G. Trump, was the one whom the USG chose to retrieve all the Nicola Tesla papers after his death. Sure as hell, DJT knows full well about free, non-polluting sources of energy; and I, for one, think he will introduce them when the time is right.)

As one tweeter put it, succinctly:

The NYT, which, however, like other MSM sources, has been complicit in promoting the lying false flag run-up to every war we drum up, got on the bandwagon, or at least one editorial did:

The Only Way to End Endless War

America has to give up its pursuit of global dominance


Ron Paul weighs in (sorry, it wouldn’t load):

As does Pat Buchanan:

Pat Buchanan: Trump At Last Ending Our Endless Wars

Among those objecting most loudly to an American withdrawal from the forever wars of the Middle East are those who were the most enthusiastic about plunging us in.

And, yes, there is a price to be paid for letting go of an empire, but it is almost always less than the price of holding on.

The heat’s on. Pray. Please send energy to this remarkable man who actually dares to turn the U.S. in an entirely other direction. Remember, remember:


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  1. LAYMAN SCIENCE – ATOMIC ENERGY – And a spiritual observation
    Modern science is entering a new but ancient threshold – a spiritual awakening. Over the past two centuries science has institutionally, officially resisted the recognition of spiritual impulse to the advancement of scientific insights. This resistance appears to be drawing to a close in a concerted effort to conquer Lucifarian Deep State global corruption.

    Conferences discussing important scientific breakthroughs are more and more being concluded with brief heart-centered guided meditations and prayers, guided in meditation and prayer by leading young scientists.

    Livermore, CA where I live, is a science oriented community with mostly government employed or retired government scientists composing a large segment of our community. It is within the non-government dependent realms of scientific investigation that this spiritual shift is first occurring.


    The main meditative thrust seems to be to vest energy conferences and science conference attendees’ hearts and minds with a positive loving energy attuned to universal perception of the good and positive. A new generation of scientists are recasting our social practices of acceptable behavior while avoiding dogmas of every sort even setting aside environmental dogmas seeking truth and transparency and a new openness.


    We are in a great spiritual war. Lucifarian powers of darkness are in their death throws. Decades of endless wars all started with CIA staged false flags, murdered and attempted murder of Presidents who dare to confront the Deep State, returning veterans suffering from all types of traumas both physical and emotional, all managed through a corrupted media-industrial-congressional complex geared to maintaining the status quo are ending. These Lucifarian powers grew strong during the past materialistic era of the last two centuries peaking with the emergence of nuclear arsenals.

    We did not know and could not understand until now, the concept of alternate dimensions. Star Trek science fiction gave us our first childhood insights to higher truths and right thinking, and unleashed scientists to publicly analyze antigravitics, multiple engines types for superluminal travel, zero-point energy, and quantum computing marvels. We seem to be entering an entirely new era of the end of scarcity, a time of abundance, prosperity and personal liberty and even a time for full disclosure.


    The messages seem to be for each of us to take the good of our religion and leave the rest behind as unneeded baggage. Do not judge so harshly. Seek to enable forgiveness in all its complex forms. Humbly help were you can to assist others, and know that we each have a guardian in an alternate dimension, that can be accessed for inspiration.

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