ENERGY FLOWS and Holistic Management: “If you work it on an energy basis, we are in the negative with every action we do in this world.”

I’ve only listened to about seven minutes of this so far, and it’s very worth watching — not just for managing livestock, but for its widening implications.

Let us, for example, shift our way of thinking to realize, as this South African farmer does, that the “bottom line” is always ENERGY, not money. Money is only one form of many through which energy flows.

Also: “Holistic Management looks at the whole instead of parts, and that whole consists of ‘social, environmental, and economic aspects.'” YES!  I’m glad he placed “social” first! We need to remember this when we are arguing about whether or not our environment is going to die in ten years . . . And when we try to force each other to think and express only certain “politically correct” views. And when we see and judge each other in terms of surface “identity” rather than honor each beautiful, wounded soul for his or her inherent  value.

Wow. Just watched the rest of it. What a holistic thinker! Refreshing.

“There are not too many people in the world. There are just people in the wrong place. If people were producing their own food, it wouldn’t be an issue.”

“Sustainable system of producing food: “Minimal energy going in, maximal energy going out. That way it becomes sustainable and people’s health will improve. The problem we have today with illnesses mostly comes from the products we eat. And I know from watching animals, if you give an animal the right food, and the animal’s PH is right, that animal really doesn’t get sick.”



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