#EatTheChildren? What is happening to our humanity?

You might do want I want to do now, and that is thoroughly absorb the meaning of both the next two posts. Their messages oppose one another. And yet, at some level, they are both true. What level must we rise to within ourselves in order to hold both in mind at once? How many of us are capable of both/and thinking while opening to ever wider and deeper comprehension, knowing that, “in truth,” we will never ever have all that we need to know for sure what is or is not the case?

EnvironMENTALism: Origins, Symptoms and Treatment of a Global Pandemic


Beyond Hope

It seems to me that the recognition that we are being bombarded, from a million crazy and/or malevolent, and/or confused, and/or despairing directions, with info, misinfo and disinfo about planetary death, or not, may place us precisely at the tipping point now where we’re either going to individually and collectively implode, explode . . . or else, finally, stop, look and listen — to ourselves, and each other, and especially to our crazy, despairing fear- and hate-mongering. Because what good does that do?

Forgive me, but here are two more on Greta Thunberg, her place in the global mental holocaust. Brace yourself: again, these perspectives are polar opposite, and, here we go again, both are, from their own partial perspectives (and all perspectives are partial), TRUE.



Perhaps we all need to absorb all the above before any of us have the temerity to say even one word about the latest deranged and/or deliberately designed outrage, #EatTheChildren, now trending on twitter..

Question: how much further can we descend into the hell of our own imaginings before we hit bottom? Or is there a bottom? Is it too late? Not because of what is or is not happening to the planet, but because of what is decidedly happening to our humanity when we allow outside programming to infect our minds.

Wake up, folks. This is what’s real, this breath . . .  and then this one, and this one . . . Let go the feverish, fractious mind and allow in the tender heart; for it beats in concert, one wild, majestic communion of emotional thrumming that, depending on both our level of awareness and our capacity to ground and center ourselves, may or may not provoke a sudden or gradual awakening to who we really are —  one species, one planet, one solar system, one infinite swirling cosmos bathed in LOVE.


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4 Responses to #EatTheChildren? What is happening to our humanity?

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann,

    Just wanted to point out that the “eat the babies” woman was actually a troll:


    What makes this especially interesting to me, however, are very persistent rumors that many elites *do* eat children in their elaborate rituals (anyone doubting this, just do an internet search on “adrenochrome”).

    So is this done to mock those who know the truth; or is it done to bring this into our collective minds so we face it directly? Again: as you point out here, it’s an either/or situation and BOTH can be true.

    All of this reminds me of something I read in Frank Herbert’s “Dune” book decades ago. In that book the nomads of the desert, called Fremen, greeted each other and rival tribes by first grabbing a handful of sand and tossing it over their shoulders, illustrating the common burdens that they faced living in that harsh land, no matter their differences.

    Unless people remember to address their fellow man as human beings that have far more in common than not, and learn to sit together in shared empathy and compassion for others before discussing *any issue*, then this will continue to get worse. Let go of the idea of having to be RIGHT. Instead, embrace the idea of TOGETHERNESS. Only when both sides of any issue start from here can real answers be found.

    As I wrote before, all of this societal division IS the issue; all else at this time is secondary. And, thanks again for continuing to point this out as you are. NO other message is as important to share at this time.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Fascinating! Just as I was doing yoga, and realizing that the #EatTheChildren hashtag etc put me in mind of satanic ritual abuse, it appears that you were composing the above message to me. And yeah, why, if so? And the meaning is probably double — at least!

      I had read that the person was trolling, but also wondered if she was also crazy, and a controller had taken advantage of her to run the troll. For some reason didn’t go into it. Not sure why. The stark reality of her emotional outburst, and of the stunned audience faces looking up at her . . .

  2. Victoria Parks says:

    I am feeling that all is swiftly devolving because we are being subjected to a global psyop assault on our consciousness, perpetrated by globalist megalomaniacs who are becoming out of control-paranoid because they are swiftly losing their grip on humanity. This is when a cornered junkyard dog is the most dangerous. Stay calm. Most of what you read, hear and see is a lie, so trust your own mind. The answer you seek is always within. Do not look to external sources for answers at this time. No mentally sound answers will come. Just trust your own intuition and remember that love is the opposite of fear.

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