Processing Saturn/Pluto — with humor! And above all, “Handle with Care”!

Note: I’ve posted many times on the upcoming harsh Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

One thing I’ve noticed extremely, during this difficult extended karmic moment, is how short our tempers can became with each other. Suddenly, there it is — Eruption! Blaming! Projection! Judgment! Lack of empathy!

We’re learning here in Green Acres Permaculture Village that what counts most is to pause and make sure we have each received the fullness of what the other desired to communicate. Because, in our daily mad rush to follow our individual preset agendas, with time always of the essence, often we will listen only long enough to catch what we think is the gist of someone has just said, or asked, or suggested — only to find out later that our interpretation was based on usually, incomplete data. I.e., we did not get the gist of what was said. And because we did not, the other person wondered why we acted the way we did. Sometimes incomplete communication spawns new misunderstandings on both people’s parts — which then, unless we express what we are feeling, can fester inside.

So communicate, people! And let’s do it with love and care, no matter what! Nothing is as important as this one directive. As my own teacher used to admonish me: “Remember Ann, assume good will.”

The example I will bring up here is mild, in fact it’s funny, even hilarious. Those involved in the misunderstanding live in separate parts of the country, and the entire drama was done through email. We are seven siblings and one brother-in-law of our now deceased sister who have decided to hold a reunion. But when and where? Finally a place and date was chosen, and communicated to us all. Would it work?

Oh wait, that’s not true. Different dates. Here they are 7/11 to 7/11. Huh? So we start and leave on the same day? And huh? I thought it was May, not July! This was yesterday morning. Poor Mark who had made both mistakes!

We did get the dates ironed out (yes, May, not July), and Mark, a wonderfully laid-back musician and composer, sent out this video for us to enjoy, asking us to please, Handle him With Care.

What struck me about this video is that it features the baby pictures of these four famous musicians, who appear to be working as a group of equals, without ego. So, yes please, “handle with care,” for I’m still that innocent child, not yet wise in the ways of the world, and easily hurt.

Of course we siblings remember each other’s presence as children, and have seen oodles of each others’ baby pictures over the years. That weaving together of memories is part of the richness we enjoy as members of the same family.

Here we are, seven years ago, about to send Mom, as per her desire — “My life is hell! I want to live with a family that loves me!” she had suddenly said, to Kristin (in blue shirt), who had been eating dinner with her at the wonderful Mount Saint Vincent care facility in West Seattle where she had lived without Dad for one year. Paula had always wanted to care for Mom; so here we are, about to send Mom off to live with sister Paula, in Louisiana. “Lady Renee” lived another two years. Mark is the tall one in the back, behind me, holding sister Mary, who passed four years ago. For more, see The Grieving Time.


Would that we could say the same for the entire human family! After all, each of us was an innocent baby once, no matter what our outside circumstances, the accidents of color, sex, class, language, status —. And that small child, likely wounded, and needing solace, healing, lives within us still. What would happen if we all began to see the innocent wounded child within the Other, even when that Other is screaming that child’s rage, or fear, or terror? Can we drop our emotional reactiveness and dare to open our hearts?

Indeed, the video reminded me of the Baby Picture Project, which I have yet to spend much energy on. Maybe it’s time! I will post the video there as well.

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