PLUTO TURNS DIRECT October 2-3 2019: Saturn/Pluto climax directly ahead

Imagine a slow, decisive movement of Earth’s tectonic plates, way below the surface of things. Not seen. Not visible. But there, and felt, and irreversibly shifting the entire complex calcified fabric of the (con)structured milieu in which humans live with each other and upon our Mother Earth. Imagine this Plutonian movement’s slow percolation to the surface, where it erupts, as lots of volcanoes, going off here and there.

That’s how I tend to visualize this October 2-3 changeover of Pluto from retrograde to direct motion. According to my ephemeris, the exact moment of the Plutonian shift takes place at 2:39 AM EDT tomorrow, October 3, in Washington, D.C. I set the chart for D.C. because that’s where the action is, that’s where the drama is taking place, the wrestling for control of, power over, the entire world.

And remember, this shift from retrograde motion to direct motion of Pluto (for the next six or so months) follows Saturn’s shift from retrograde to direction motion on September 18. The waiting game is over. From now on, Plutonian power is no longer to be held in abeyance, gathering steam for the literally unprecedented push ahead.

One possible stunning indication: Rudy Giuliani, yesterday, saying that Republicans might just sue the Democrats in civil court, given the “impeachment” farce. In other words, Giuliani’s thinking about using one set of human-constructed laws to counter another set of human- constructed laws.

This is what strikes me: the convoluted shell game going on, where legal and other expensive “experts” interpret human-constructed “laws” in ways that will benefit one “side” or the other. Who wins in this terrible game with enormous consequences? Who ever wins when power is being wrestled about as if there’s only so much to go around. And actually, unlike Nature’s infinite power, limitation on human power is likely  true. Human power to construct layer after layer of “laws” and treat them as if they are sacrosanct is definitely on the carpet during this time when Saturn now inexorably moves to exactly conjunct Pluto, at 22°45 Capricorn, on January 12, 2020, for the first time in 35 years, that karmic meeting itself a prelude for the much more significant — because an historic first — transit of Pluto to its own natal place in the U.S. chart after 248 years.

Meanwhile, let’s look closer at the chart for Pluto Direct, and how various features echo or magnify certain features in Trump’s natal chart. (Note that I recently changed the Trump chart, to reflect new information: no longer a 29° Leo Ascendant; instead a 17° Leo Ascendant).

First, notice that the Ascendants of the two charts are nearly identical. Only two degrees separate Trump’s 17° Leo Ascendant from the Pluto Direct 15° Leo Ascendant. But of course, that may not mean all that much, since the time of Pluto’s turning noted by my ephemeris may not be exact, and the timing of Ascendants must be exactly known to be meaningful.

Ditto all the four “angles” of any chart, which move at the approximate rate of one degree every four minutes — including the Midheaven, which in the Pluto Direct chart is at 8° Taurus, with eruptive Uranus in Taurus close behind at 6° Taurus. Talk about earthquakes!

Next: notice that transit Jupiter in the Pluto Direct chart is at 18° Sagittarius, only two degrees from Trump’s natal Moon/south node at 20° Sagittarius, and opposite Trump’s unpredictable tricksterish Sun/North Node/Uranus combo at 17° – 22° Gemini.

Jupiter usually signifies largess, generosity, amplification. And in the sign of Sagittarius:  the philosophical underpinings of Capricorn LAW. Plus, Jupiter happens to be the planet of luck. Don’t underestimate the Donald’s ability to reframe whatever is going on. He always does. Thus the possible Giuliani move now: take your pic of what story to read with a duck duck go search of “Giuliani sue the Democrats“; there are lots of them.

Notice, BTW, that Jupiter has been in this portentous degree area of Trump’s chart since January 2019, and will finally move out of orb at the end of this month.

And yes, he has been “lucky” to outmaneuver, squash, or dissolve whatever his foes throw at him, so far.

Will the impeachment fiasco peter out by the end of October?

Now, notice that Trump’s hidden twelfth house Venus/Saturn conjunction at 23° -25° Cancer has been strongly impacted by transit Saturn, Pluto and the nodes, and will continue to be impacted for years, in fact for the entire time that Pluto works to finally complete its first cycle in the U.S chart and begin again. Will the imperial U.S. nation state that has been at war 93% of its time on earth, that’s 222 out of 239 years since 1776, be capable of learning to use power in a way that does not try to take power over other people, other nations?

Please notice, all you never-Trumpers, that Trump has managed to keep us out of war with North Korea, Afghanistan, Venequela, Syria, Russia, and so far, Iran — despite all the false flags and neo-con advisors! Like Reagan, he advocates for “peace through strength,” while avoiding having to use that strength.

Side note: I remember hating Reagan when he came into office. After all, I was an Independent who always voted Democratic! So, when he began to work with Gorbachev to shift the entire world out of the exceedingly dangerous Cold War, I was utterly blown away.

But back to Pluto, and the lessons of Pluto. Can we all begin to learn the lesson of Pluto, to move from boring, tit-for-tat, selfish “power over” others to discover and express the Love that fills and fuels the universe and that, when allowed, moves through us as   “power from within”? Can we stop hating others as twisted projections of that natural power within ourselves that we refuse to learn how to notice, honor, and especially, master? Truly, we have entered an unprecedented historic era when the U.S. and its citizens will, collectively and individually, either die and be reborn or just plain die.

Remember: Pluto moves extremely slowly. I can imagine that Trump feels completely swamped by the swamp right now and has felt this way, for some time. Venus/Saturn occupies the watery sign of  Cancer, vulnerable; caring and considerate of family and those considered family, which in Trump’s case, ever since he was elected, instantly expanded to include all Americans.

Just in terms of his own blood family, can you imagine the heavy-hearted Saturnian responsibility he feels? — to both go ahead with his long-term vow to drain the swamp and to protect his family meanwhile from the repercussions of all those who would impeach him, imprison him, kill him for attempting to expose all the corruption and take away all the pay-for-play perks they’ve been receiving for the past who knows how many decades?

Can you imagine how the entire world situation weighs on him, even as he responds, moment by moment, to new attacks, new blows, new attempts to lay him low?

Truly I feel for this courageous being who has dared to take on, and hopefully, take down what we’ve learned to call the Deep State, despite being part of the Deep State (after all, what is big business, his business?) for most of his life.

Finally, note the cardinal T-cross in the Pluto Direct chart, that links loving Venus, primal Pluto and discontented goddess Eris at 20°-23° of Libra, Capricorn and Aries. What might this portend over the coming months as Saturn/Pluto move into exact conjunction? What new, truly soft, kind, feminine energy seeks to be born that might counterbalance and integrate with the historically severe harsh, punitive, controlling macho version of masculine energy?

Let us stay tuned. And let us pray for the good of the whole as we take our own very unique, specific, and hopefully conscious, non-reactive places in the world-transforming drama that unfolds.



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