MK Greta: Pied Piper for Globalist UN Agenda 30?

Somehow, this image sums it all up.

It is said that Greta’s companion (or coach?) the German climate activist Louisa-Marie Neubauer, is actually her “handler;” Louisa is  a member of the One Foundation, managed by BONO, Bill Gates, and George Soros. Another way of putting it: Greta is being trafficked to push one world government, i.e., globalism.

Then there’s Greta’s supposed “autism.” Might she instead be mind-controlled, as in MK Ultra (thus the nickname “MK Greta”)? And/or: are autistic children, who apparently, tend to think in either/or, black and white terms, more open to indoctrination than others?

And then there are her parents: mother, Malena Ernman, is an opera star and climate activist; her father, Svante Thunberg, is an actor and producer. One of her father’s relatives, Svante Arrhenius 1(1859-1927), was the founder of what some are calling the “Global Warming scam.”

Let’s face it, Greta is calling for an intergenerational war, between the young and the old, between kids and their parents. Just as Hitler did, prior to World War II; just as Mao did, in the Chinese cultural revolution, which led to the death of 100 million people.

Note how they “style” her:


There’s also some weird one-eye Illuminati symbolism:

All in all, Greta’s message is FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real.


I came across a post that really resonated with me:

Greta Thunberg, the Teenage Spear Point of Radical Climate-Change Alarmists

Especially provocative, a tongue-in-cheek? story within this story, of parents who decided to go along with their kids in changing daily habits in order to help ameliorate climate change.

A colleague of mine told me she had a family discussion today at the breakfast table with her two kids. They were “school striking” yesterday, Friday. For the climate.

Later that evening when she asked the kids “How long are you going to take to pull this off?”, they answered, “Until your generation leaves a better world for our generation. A healthy world. One in which we can live again.”

So Sunday morning, in agreement with her husband, they decided to give in to their kids’ demands. The mom told her kids that they had thought about it long and hard, and that they had recognized that things needed to be changed.

In order to improve the climate, the family will sell both diesel cars, and only buy a brand new car. Which means that from now on, both kids have to either ride the S-train or use their bicycles to get to school and to their activities.

In order to avoid radiation, or even to reduce it, she is ready to completely relinquish all cell phones. There’ll be only one cell phone left for the entire family, and no flat rate. That saves a lot of money.

The house telephone also will not be wireless anymore, they’ll go back to corded telephones, in order to avoid “dangerous exposure to radiation”.

From now on the buying of clothes will be greatly reduced in order to minimize the exploitation of Asian laborers and child labor, and in order to reduce the carbon footprint. Therefore no more new clothes in trendy hip clothing stores. All clothes will now be bought in secondhand stores. There are a plethora of those in Berlin, after all. The fact that they won’t be as fashionable as new clothes will have to be accepted in the name of climate change prevention.

Frozen pizzas, burgers, other fast food, too, and beverages in plastic bottles as well will be gradually banned from the house from now on.

There will be more cooking at home. The fresh groceries will be bought at the local market. They don’t have to be organic right away, but the goal is to strive to become completely organic. The difference in prize for organic products will be compensated through the reduction in the household allowance and the kids’ allowance.

Revolution demands sacrifice.

My colleague and her husband understand that up until now they made one mistake after another. Therefore they have put all decisions to improve the climate and to make the world a livable place again into their kids’ hands.

Therefore she asked the kids that by Monday morning, they’ll come up with a plan of action by means of which everything can be implemented as quickly as possible.

And as a bonus, she added regular school-ditching can be included. However there will be no written and signed excuses by the parents. Neither from the dad nor from the mom. Since this is part of the revolution, the kids will have to regulate that themselves.

The next family meeting is Monday morning, 7 a.m., in the kitchen.

For now neither of the kids have said a word about any of it. But there’s still time, after all.

Not that I don’t think climate change doesn’t exist; of course it does; the climate is always changing, and especially in the last 300 years has been fueled by rapid industrialization, i.e., increased human activity. And so yes. In response, we do need to change our ways. Indeed, my decision to open my three-bedroom suburban home to two other people besides myself, originally had to do with the fact that it would bring down my energy-footprint by two-thirds. That was the beginning. Little did I know that this single decision would evolve, over time, into Green Acres Permaculture Village. Our village is itself one creative and intensely localized response to the recognition of both human and solar-system caused climate change. So yes;  each of us needs to adjust to whatever’s coming down the road by becoming much more Earth and Community centered.

But watch out folks: any decision you make in an attempt to do your part to ameliorate human-caused global climate change might have the “unintended consequence” of steering you in a completely new direction without your even being aware of it!


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  1. Brilliant, I actually didn’t have to do my usual hours meditation to not get nightmares, I realize there are people out there like you that can calm the waters and keep me sane.

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