CLIMATE CHANGE: 50 years of failed eco-apocalyptic predictions

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This year’s virtue-signaling Climate Strike Week starts today, and goes through September 29. Led by a 16-year old girl, who, with her parents, sports an antifa t-shirt —

— is this cultish movement not driven by the liberal, progressive, leftist agenda that would have us all taxed for “carbon” as we’re forced into cities, squeezed into tiny pods, to eat GMO foods produced by the so-called Green Revolution, and take orders from the centralized, hierarchical, top-down new world order government?

While I’m all for recognizing the dire state of the planet, as well as human complicity in its destruction, I do NOT assume that “climate change” is only human-caused; and I sense that if we assume it is, then, if the climate continues to change — which it will, it always does, in response to changes in the solar system in which Mother Earth lives — then we will simply add a new burden of utterly soul-killing guilt, shame, and defeat to our already complexly stressed collective unconscious mind.  

Rather than trying to “beat” climate change, we need to become one with it, while learning to create resilient communities that can withstand systemic shock. Many examples exist, including our little Green Acres Permaculture Village.

Meanwhile, once the current projections — usually about ten or so years out — fail to materialize, will we realize that once more, the doomsayers are wrong again? Have any of them ever apologized when they did get it wrong? And how could they not get it wrong, if, no matter how many data points and variables we utilize, no matter how sophisticated our algorithms, and subtle or blatant our prognostications, there are always infinitely more data points and variables, our algorithms always skewed and incomplete, and our prognostications therefore, turn out to be wildly wrong.

In short, let’s just keep in mind the old adage:


WRONG AGAIN: 50 Years of Failed Eco-Apocalyptic Predictions


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