Is CLIMATE CHANGE the single best propaganda ploy in all of human history?

I’d say YES.

And Note, see this.

When I search duck duck go for “climate change cartoons,” I notice that they all seem to be paeans to purely man-made causes of climate change.

When I search duck duck go for “climate change and the sun cartoons” I discover at least one that takes into account the fact that we live on a changing planet that lives in a changing solar system. DUH!

The virtue-signaling politicization of “climate change” really pisses me off. But then, what did I expect?

Climate Change: A Masterful Disinformation Campaign

Let us remember: the map is NEVER the territory. No matter how hard we try, no matter how many “variables” we take into account, no matter how much we attempt to “close the system” so that our predictions work, there are always an infinite number of more variables in this infinitely mysterious cosmos that functions as ONE being.


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