Concerning our ENDLESS WARS: “My anger is the world’s anger. It’s up to me to continuously douse the flames within myself.”

Yesterday, I was at my weekly appointment with my alternative healer. As I was ushered into a private room a man (another client), who was leaving that room suddenly blurted out! Are you the Bloomington blogger that I’ve been following? Your face looks familiar.

Well, we established that indeed I AM that blogger. He wants to talk more, says he’s been red-pilled since the ’90s. Okay.

Meanwhile, at that same appointment, my healer tells me of a long-standing feud with her neighbors over who is supposed to repave the road (now cracked, after 40 years) that leads to her house at the end. Three neighbors share the road. She does not speak to any of them. Does not want to deal with them. Will repave the entire road herself.

How many of us have longstanding feuds that we have not even attempted to mitigate? And we think the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) is the problem?

It reminds me of a facebook thread I saw after my appointment yesterday, located underneath this disgusting news item that, amazingly enough, Newsweek published, way back in November 2018.

The U.S. has spent 6 trillion dollars on wars that killed half a million people since 9/11

BTW: President Trump is well aware of this horrific ongoing waste of human life and treasure. And he is in an ongoing battle with the PTB “deep state” (banksters, the MIC, blackmailed, and/or bribed politicians) to put a stop to America’s endless wars:  Search this page.

Meanwhile, the twitter thread underneath the above post really got to me. Anger flared up. Anger at others for not recognizing their own collusion. Righteous anger. I.e., projection of the same unfinished business within myself.

My anger is the world’s anger. It’s up to me to continuously douse the flames within myself. To become aware of my anger even while it is flaring. To live in that spacious present that does not need to act out what my ego thinks it’s feeling, but rather: notice the anger: notice how the thought triggered the feeling; pay attention to how it feels, where inside my own physical body I’m triggered. Heart? Solar plexus? Throat? Head? (Usually, for me, solar plexus, power issues.)

Then, if I can remain aware, BREATHE. Long, slow deep, until the anger passes. Until I can allow the world once again, to fill with love and compassion for all of us, down here on this stricken planet, we humans (and that’s most of us, by far the majority) who want desperately to both fix the problem right now! — and to continue our own separative — isolating from self, others, and planet — lifestyle. Does not compute!

Meanwhile, here goes, part of that thread, without identifying anyone involved.

Crucial for ME to remember this last sentence above. As a double fire sign, with Mars also in Sagittarius opposing trigger-happy Uranus in Gemini, in my 30s I spent many years as a violent peace activist. No more. And yet, residual anger (unused energy!) leaks out, as above. What is my role here? Am I meant to speak my Sagittarian truth whenever I’m emotionally triggered by others? Is that how I’m supposed to use my extra energy? I don’t think so. Still working on relating in the outer world more skillfully. After nearly 77 years, fully half of which I have been supposedly conscious! Yes. Need compassion, not just for others, but first of all, for myself.

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