As we approach tomorrow’s Pisces Full Moon, DREAM BIG!

For a remarkable post on this Pisces Full Moon, see Laura Bruno:

Powerful Full Moon in Pisces

Notice how others do dream big. Each of the projects featured in this post is the result of setting an intention so powerfully that the big dream that ignited it came true.

We do need to remember that we humans are intensely creative. That this is our very nature, when unleashed to follow our own very specific trajectories.

I’ve often wondered why we use that creativity to invent more and more lethal weapons of war. Makes no sense. Let’s change that.

And remember: the more important the shift, the longer it takes to enact. What may seem like a sudden emergence only occurs after the ground has been seeded fully with the brand new vision.

For example, here at Green Acres Permaculture Village. My very strong intention is for the entire suburban landscape of this nation to transform into social/land-based permaculture. Not by building new structures, but by re-imagining the way we see and interact in the built environment. Closer to home, I “see” this entire Green Acres Neighborhood (440 homes) eventually reform into a number of small, networked, food-producing villages. Even that limited goal is way beyond my own lifetime (I’m 76). However, we have set the template here, with three homes and permacultured gardens, where we are “building community from the ground up.”

World’s Largest Urban Rooftop Farm Set to Open in 2020 in Paris, France


Revolutionary Blast Furnace Creates Clean Energy By Vaporizing Trash Without Any Emissions


Couple Spends 20 Years Planting An Entire Forest and Animals Have Returned

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