TIME TO AWAKEN FROM THE SPELL! Over the next 12 days, the current Jupiter/Neptune square is triggered by Virgo stellium

What is the spell? Well, of course, there are all kinds of spells. For example, the “falling in love” spell. The spell of “being in love” with a certain person. The spell of beLIEving what the mainstream media spins out on a daily, hourly, basis, minute by minute, mostly fear porn and fake news. The spell of identification with ego. The spell of identification with victimization. The spell of identity politics, the spell of “virtue signalling,” etc. etc. The spell of beLIEving in western medicine, and its high priests, doctors and scientists who, you think, hold authority over your body and mind. The spell of thinking that you must debase yourself to get anywhere, work hard at something you hate in order to survive. That others are out to get you unless you get them first. The spell of scarcity in a dog-eat-dog world. On and on.

And of course, perhaps the greatest spell of all, is that we the people have been so innocent and naive as not to pay attention to human trafficking, including organs, blood, bodies,  pedophilia and, let’s face it now, satanic ritual abuse, all of which has been threaded through our entire culture, top to bottom, blackmailing and bribing politicians, Hollywood, the music industry, religion, sports, among others, for decades, if not for centuries.

Let’s identify THE SPELL with Neptune, currently moving through its own sign, spiritual/escapist Pisces, both feeding our addictive tendencies and moving some of us into compassion.

Let’s identify Jupiter with expansion, largeness, currently moving through its own sign, truth-telling and values-oriented Sagittarius, both feeding our tendency to polarizing judgments and moving some of us into continuously seeking larger and larger perspectives while recognizing that we know nothing for sure.

At their best, Neptune = Love and Jupiter = Truth.

During this period if time (late June through September) Jupiter squares (90°) Neptune. Love and Truth are at war with each other. It doesn’t seem like we can have both at once. Our lover (love) cheats on us (truth), but we don’t want to call it off; so we pretend (Neptune) he or she is faithful (Neptune). Some say 30%, and some say up to 95% of politicians are corrupt (truth); does that mean they all go to jail (judgment, i.e., truth), or shall we feel sorry for them (Neptune), and/or look the other way (Neptune).

Furthermore,  Jupiter and Neptune in their own signs signify that they are both operating with much more strength than usual. Jupiter stays in each sign only one year (Sagittarius: November 2018-2019); Neptune remains in each sign for fully 14 years (Pisces: 2012-2026).

Jupiter, when square Neptune, thus enlarges, blows up whatever is going on with Neptune.

This summer’s Epstein saga, especially his death that everybody knows (truth) wasn’t  a suicide, but the DOJ is pretending that it was (Neptune), is helping even what we “red-pillers” call “normies” break the collective spell.

Now add to the Jupiter/Neptune drama mix the current stellium in Virgo including Venus, Sun, Mars, and Mercury), with Venus today exactly squaring Jupiter and within two degrees of opposing Neptune.

In other words, we  now have a powerful T-cross in mutable signs setting up, with Virgo’s appreciation of technical detail and evidence opposed (180°) to Neptune’s spell and square (90°) to Jupiter’s tendency to polarize.

Venus in Virgo leads the pack. They all move at different rates: both Venus and Mercury more or less one degree per day;  the Sun, one degree per day; Mars one degree every two days.

Over the next 12 days, through the weekend of September 14-15, we will be subjected to an onslaught of critical Virgo evidential discrimination and analysis that, for anyone in any spell whatsoever, will constitute a strong, clear wake-up call. On a personal level, you might finally see the text messages your lover left for his clandestine partner, and confront your lover with what you know! On a collective level, I suspect that some of the the FISA, declass, and IG report bombs that we’ve been expecting to drop will do so, and leave the still-blinded American public reeling under the onslaught of information that they never expected to have, never wanted to know, and will possibly dissolve (Neptune in Pisces) their stuck ideological positions (Jupiter in Sagittarius). Leading to what? Stay tuned.

Oh, and notice that the forming Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn conjunction, currently at 14-20° trines the Virgo stellium and sextiles Neptune in Pisces as the four planets in the stellium click, one by one, through mid-Virgo. All together, these eight planets form a strong T-cross/wedge formation. The wedge helps to harmonize the situation by stabilizing the now quickening process of ensuring the financial and political structural destruction that Pluto set in motion when it began to move through Capricorn in early 2008.

Oh yeah, and I haven’t even mentioned that many are expecting Qanon to return after more than a month silence, after September 5. Hmmm . . . six days from now, September 8-9, when the Sun illuminates the T-cross by squaring Jupiter and opposing Neptune?

And see last post, for overview of Plutonian process.



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