Green Acres Village LIVES on A Pale Blue Dot

Yesterday evening, at another magical Community Dinner —

— this one graced beforehand with Daisy’s chalk art —

— and of course before which, we began to gather for our newly inaugurated family grace —

I then happened to eat dinner sitting with Sydney (seated, in pink shirt above), an astonishing crone who hasn’t been with us for awhile, and oh my, our croneversation! At one point, she said, dramatically, while sweeping her arm out to the horizon,


Sydney then scribbled down for me a few notes to remind me of what I might do today, post A Pale Blue Dot video with Carl Sagan’s commentary, and then, she said, you must post the story of how the Pale Blue Dot video got made!

Okay, done. And so synchronous, our croneversation on the very day that Trump inaugurated the U.S. Space Command . . .

BTW: Carl Sagan did not “believe in astrology,” a celebrated fact that my father would gleefully point out to me. In response, I would say to him: “‘Do you believe in English?’ Astrology is not a belief system, it’s a language.”

Nor did Sagan believe in UFOs. Oh wait! It turns out that he did believe in UFOs, but just wouldn’t say so publically lest he lose  scierntific funding. 

In any case, here are the videos Crone Sydney suggested to me. So glad she did, as we need to be reminded of this cosmic point of view on our dear tiny Earth during another time when so many people are “at each others’ throats.” Which is why, I presume you know by now, we aim to incubate a transformed culture in Green Acres Village as one tiny lotus blossom of hope in our severely traumatized world.


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  1. rose day says:

    . . . could not help but notice how predominate is the color blue in village photos featured in this share . . . serendipity rocks!

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