John Perkins: Predatory Capitalism 101

A short, 2 minute video for those who still need to be red pilled in this matter. Once you grok the chain of causation here, you never look at world events the same way again.

Jon Perkins, who wrote Confessions of an Economic Hitman (2004) paired with Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism (2008) are two of the books that blew my mind in the 21st century. But then, so did a much earlier book by C.Wright Mills, The Power Elite (1956), which I came across during my studies of Aristotle’s Ethics, way back in the late ’60s. All three books connect the military, corporations, and capitalism into one grand unholy alliance.

Is there such a thing as capitalism with a human face? Some think so. I don’t know. Socialism is certainly not the answer, since it slides into the centrally controlled communist police state.

In this 3D world, let us, in all areas of our lives, learn to think beyond the usual polarities, as if “the answer” must be one OR the other. As in tai chi, first one leg “empty” and the other “full” and then, the gradual flow from one to the other. Yin AND yang. Day AND night. Me AND you. Each supplies what is missing in the other. Duh!

What would a dynamic balancing act look like, for any polarity? This, to me, is the central question we must continually address. And there may be no final answers. Rather, what does flow look like — for any polarity, any aspect of life, at any scale?


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  1. Rachael Carlson says:

    I really appreciate the red pill information you have been offering. I find that it needs to be short and clear, and to avoid diverging into multiple rabbit holes (now there’s a challenge). John Perkins’ video is excellent. Several attempts to share it on FB have failed, with a roadblock I’ve not seen before. Thinking that’s not a coincidence.

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