Alt-Epistemology: And its intersection with Interpersonal Psychology

I found myself utterly entranced by this 56 minute documentary made in 2010, wherein Mary Rodwell, a world famous ET/UFO conference presenter and counselor to ET contactees, takes her very skeptical veterinarian son on a ten-day journey to find the “empirical evidence” he craves. Will he be convinced? If so, what will it take to convince him?

Especially loved this film because I have a similar relationship with one of my sons, Sean, who calls me a “contrarian.” Not regarding UFO/ET stuff, but just about everything else! Luckily, we can laugh and, especially, keep on loving each other, something, it appears to me, the Mom and Son alchemized in this film, at the midpoint of their journey, when the Son found himself taking his Mother’s side in a very public altercation with a noted scientist who demonstrated the usual ridicule of the entire subject. Why? Not because the SonĀ  beLIEved his mother, but because this rude public assault on her long-considered and deeply held views made him see and feel what it must be like to walk in her shoes.

A remarkable film on many levels, but especially, for me, on this interpersonal level, illustrating the complex ways that our conceptual views intersect with our emotional lives.


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