Cartoon Serendipity!

Remember the post from yesterday? What we used to call a cartoon. Now we might call it a spectacular meme: snapping an entire world view upon an emotional base.

Well, this morning, Christopher Crocket commented, with another “cartoon,” even more extraordinarily informative. And the timing was so magical that I decided to post the dialogue between us as well. Thank you Chris!



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2 Responses to Cartoon Serendipity!

  1. The US Navy is suing theUS Patent Office for the second time to Patent technologies for antigravitics:

    This reads like a Star Trek episode… except the US Navy is certifying it’s all true.

    It may have nothing directly to do with your theme cartoon post of the colossus grind everything into garbage machine, except hope for change and actual change that may come through these Naval patents. They are a big deal.

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