Just how far back and where did Child Trafficking rings begin?

An astute researcher just sent this to me, already a year and a half old, but even more pertinent today, now that the Jeffrey Epstein case has hit the mainstream.

Children are given their Komsomol memberships in Moscow’s Red Square on May 19, 1968. The Soviet Union allegedly used the Komsomol camps to experiment on pedophilia. (RIA NOVOSTI ARCHIVE)

Researcher Reports Soviets Created Child-Trafficking Rings in the West for Blackmail

Unfortunately, this makes way too much sense. I remember, for example, thinking that Uranium One may have been primarily a Russian sting operation against Hillary Clinton and the State Department.

Not that other nations don’t also use blackmail via pedophilia and SRA to turn people into puppets. And remember, the CIA and other alphabet agencies may be the biggest perps around, given MK Ultra’s mind-controlled sex slaves (both child and adult) for honey-pot purposes. For a full-on treatment of mind control programs in the U.S., see that section on Fred Burks deeply researched site:




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  1. Kathryn Anderson says:

    Geez!!! We have been sooo duped!!!

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFqShpJm_zc

    The four stages of Ideological Subversion, as told by a Soviet defector.

  3. Anthony says:

    Same as it always was.

    From the book, ‘Proofs of a Conspiracy”, by John Robison, 1798:

    “When a nation has fallen into this lamentable state, it is extremely difficult to reform. Although nothing would so immediately and so completely remove all ground of complaint, as the re-establishing private virtue, this is of all others the least likely to be adopted. The really worthy, who see the mischief where it really is, but who view this life as the school of improvement, and know that man is to be made perfect through suffering, are the last persons to complain. The worthless are the most discontented, the most noisy in their complaints, and the least scrupulous about the means of redress. Not to improve the nation, but to advance themselves, they turn the attention to the abuses of power and influence…

    …Perhaps there never was a nation where all those cooperating causes had acquired greater strength than in France. Oppressions of all kinds were at a height. The luxuries of life were enjoyed exclusively by the upper classes, and this in the highest degree of refinement; so that the desires of the rest were whetted to the utmost. Religion appeared in its worst form, and seemed calculated solely for procuring establishments for the younger sons of the insolent and useless noblesse. The morals of the higher orders of the clergy and of the laity were equally corrupted…”

    What’s going on now in the USA has happened to every single country that has ever controlled the world’s reserve currency (as France once did). It is cyclical, and has happened since at least the time of Babylon. Trafficking of women and children have always been a major part of every culture that has hosted this currency (though by the leaders; not so much the polulace). Once the indiscretions get too out of hand to keep a lid on them, there is a purge – like what happened in France. Unfortunately, these “purges” never reach those who control the money – just their paid-for political lackeys, and the portion of the populace that knows the truth. That’s why we are seeing so much anti-white sentiment parading across the MSM these days – because there is a large, mostly white, conservative group that knows what is going on and wants to change it.

    Things are about to get bumpy here in the USA. Buckle up, we’re in for a wild ride…

    (Off topic – have you seen this?


    Do you know what those symbols are on that doll? Are they astrological? Just wondering…talk about creepy!!)

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