The Epstein MOAB continues to detonate . . .

The entire Jeffrey Epstein saga may turn out to rival 911 and Las Vegas in the weirdness and complexity of alternative perspectives offered to make good clear sense of “what really happened.” Indeed, I’ve long suspected that with any of these FF events, the MSM propaganda machine introduces the public to a plethora of conflicting “theories” and “information,” designed to both sow confusion and keep the mind pointing in a certain direction, until the next Big Event is precipitated to confuse and alarm us further. And, if you’ll notice, confusion, when entertained long enough, deteriorates into demoralization. We “can’t figure it out,” no matter how hard we try. So we just give up, shrug our shoulders, and keep on keepin’ on.

A thoroughly demoralized populace is necessary, if the deep state/aka new world order is to complete its long planned total top down centralized control of the entire globe.

Here’s some “info” for our “theories” from Sara Carter, who talked with an attorney who was just about to join Epstein’s legal team. As a friend who prefers to remain unnamed says, after reading Carter’s post:  “The plot thickens. The only obvious things are that he did not commit suicide and the media is lying. Assuming DJT and Q really ‘have it all’ then these optics further underscore the ideas of Fake News and criminal conspiracies.” Bingo.

Have you noticed? We’re all conspiracy theorists now. It’s the one thing the polarized left/right can agree on: SOMETHING SMELLS FISHY HERE..

Jeffrey Epstein Attorney: He Was Concerned for His Life

BTW: Epstein died on Saturday, August 10, one day prior to when Jupiter turned to go direct on August 11 and Uranus turned to go retrograde on August 12.

This kind of double whammy is unusual. How often do major planets both turn to go in the opposite directions within 24 hours? Not often.

Jupiter: governs large perspectives.

Uranus: governs sudden changes.

In short, we might read this double shift (Jupiter from retrograde to direct, Uranus from direct to retrograde) as a sort of whipsaw effect (Uranus/Jupiter), involving a sudden unpredictable (Uranus) but very predictable (Jupiter, for those who saw it coming) fall off a (bottomless?) cliff that suddenly (Uranus) opened our minds (Jupiter) to a much larger (Jupiter) way of perceiving reality.

But then, the entire Epstein saga, ever since his re-arrest this summer, has been suddenly or gradually red pilling everyone. And now his “death” has placed a capstone on the saga, telling us, all of us, that things are not what they seem. Period.

IS Epstein the MOAB, Red Pill for Normies?


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