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Southeastern Permaculture Gathering 2019

When I sent these five archived posts to the leaders of the Southeastern Permaculture Gathering, within minutes, one of them, Dr. Dick McDonald (Dr. Bug), responded in a wonderfully generous manner. Which makes me feel so grateful — that I was able to go, and that what I wrote about it was both absorbed and welcome.

Here’s his emailed response to receiving the emailed collection:

Richard McDonald
10:29 AM (4 hours ago)
to me

Dearest Anne of Natural World,

Thank you so much! We have NOT had this kind of UNDERSTANDING media coverage. Ever. Your perspective was very needed and you are a weaver of the highest order; I honor you.

My nephew Drew has already gone out into the woods somewhere near him in Atlanta (!!), found Chantrelle mushrooms, and cooked them up…and not died! He’s connected and that’s all I was praying for. Whew. It’s a start.

Our male and female images are so messed up…. that it takes a group like us for everyone to feel at home and remember the Partnership Society that existed for 100’s of thousands of years before people started staring into screens and turning this into an All Star Wrasslin’ TV show (and a bad episode, too). Remember Trump worked WWE and MMA. He’s got the lizard brain plot down pat.

We are a spectrum like a rainbow, for sure. Solutionaries! Chuck Marsh would say “We grow gardens to cultivate people’s hearts.” Amen.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart,

Dick McDonald

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