Donald Trump’s Chart Needs Correction?

Yes, I’d say it does. And this, despite all the emphasis I put on the 29° Leo Ascendant in the chart that I, and most other astrologers, had for him. Why do I say this? Because the corrected chart makes more sense otherwise, as I will detail below.

Two people sent me this article. THANKS!

The Mystery of Donald Trump’s Birthtime

If you read the article carefully, you will be surprised to see that apparently Trump’s family is aware of and does use astrology. And furthermore, that it may be that Trump himself gave out the wrong birth time to both throw people off the scent and troll them with self-glorification, via that 29° Leo Ascendant conjunct the Royal Star Regulus, King of the Heavens! I’m sure that Trump loves the idea of being the KING. But I have no doubt his love is also tongue in cheek.

Well, he certainly trolled me! Here’s the corrected chart:

The new chart puts 17°34 Leo on the Ascendant, and brings Mars in Leo much more into the open:  rather than peeking out from the end of the 12th house, his warrior energy is now front and center in the first house (and yet still quite close to the 29° Regulus star).

Sabian Symbol for 18° Leo:


KEYNOTE: In inquiring into the hidden process of nature, the human mind experiences the thrill of discovery.

Here we reach the level of intellectual analysis and the human ability to control natural processes. This ability is based on the inherited knowledge acquired by a community of men, generation after generation. The symbol stresses this fact, as it presents a teaching situation. The individual demonstrates his power, which is founded on a long series of efforts. He is one link in an ancestral chain which his activity prolongs into the future.

At this third stage of the twenty-eighth phase of the cyclic process we see man, as an agent of the collectivity of human beings, approaching nature in terms of the possibility of transforming it in order to satisfy his needs or his wants. At the highest level of this activity one can speak of ALCHEMY.

Notice that Uranus, at 17°53 Gemini and Jupiter at 17°27 Libra, both extremely intuitive placements, are exactly trine one another and exactly sextile this corrected Ascendant. I quote here from an interesting blog post on how Trump works.

From Don’t Ever Try to Out-Troll the Master, by Sebastian Gorka

Many members of Team MAGA like to believe and propagate the idea that President Trump is a modern-day Machiavelli who “plays politics” like a certain fictional Vulcan plays three-dimensional chess. Wrong.

I’ve advised the president before he became the most powerful man in the world, after which I served him as his strategist in the White House. His modus operandi is not plotting and conniving. It is instinctual, even preternatural. He has a remarkable sense of who people are and what their real intent is, and he divines that incredibly rapidly. Plus, he knows how to elicit a specific response from that person and has an uncanny capacity to cut through the disinformation, slaughter any sacred cows that get in his way, and show the world what the truth really is on any given matter or with regard to any specific public figure.

Likewise, I sense his vulnerable, family oriented, Venus/Saturn in Cancer much more protected from public scrutiny in the 12th house (the other chart put this conjunction in the 11th house) and am both relieved and happy for him, especially during this year and next when both Saturn and Pluto are pressing on his Cancer planets.

Both charts place the Part of Fortune only one degree away from the 7th house cusp, and show that he always works through partnering with others, and in doing so, receives benefits.

It’s odd: Over the years I consistently misremembered his Sun/Uranus/Moon/nodes in the 11th and 5th houses rather than the 10th and 4th — and so would correct myself, over and over again! And now, except for Uranus, it turns out they are in the 11th and 5th houses!

One extremely interesting note: this corrected chart puts his Midheaven at 8°51 Taurus.

Sabian symbol for that degree:


KEYNOTE: The ability to create inner happiness in dark hours.

In northern or mountainous countries where the Christmas tree symbol took form, we find a contrast between the tree outside – bare and normally covered with snow – and the tree inside the home – loaded with decorations and gifts for the family. If we follow up the meaning of the preceding symbol, we see that snow has come outside; but the prepared and closely united group has created abundance, beauty and happiness within, overcoming the cold barrenness of the outside world — just as man had overcome, in a previous symbol (Phase 35), the natural obstacle to his progress. The Christ symbol is also included in the background — that is, the vivid faith in a transformed future.

This fourth stage symbol suggests the ever-present possibility open to man to transfigure the darkness and deprivation of the low point of a life cycle by incarnating in it an antiphonic response celebrating the ever remembered and always expected high moments of life. It evokes man’s undying FAITH IN CYCLIC RENEWAL.

I sugfest that despite the currently bleak outlook on the future that many people now entertain, we all would do well to grab hold of this man’s FAITH IN CYCLIC RENEWAl..

But what interests me most here, is the fact that transit Uranus, which has an 84 year cycle, is beginning to conjunct his 8°51 degree Midheaven. Currently at 6°36 Taurus, so only two degrees from Trump’s Midheaven, it begins this week to turn to go retrograde, exact on August 12. From now through about August 17, I would expect Trump to ramp up his own unpredictability with sudden shock and surprise, as he works multidimensionally with geopolitical forces to instigate a complete overhaul of the way things work here on planet Earth.

Uranus will again approach that 8°51 Midheaven in April 2020, and crisscross over it very closely through April 2021. So whatever he does now will prefigure what will be going on then. Taurus, by the way, rules values, including the value given to money in this culture, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he is now working to prepare for a new financial system that will roll out between spring 2020 and spring 2021.

Backed by gold, right? Gold is ruled by Leo. Perfect.


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