Travel Plans This Evening: Southeastern Permaculture Gathering

Charisse (Rebecca) and I leave for the Celo Community in the mountains of North Carolina, and theĀ 26th Annual Southeastern Permaculture Gathering, eight or nine hours from here. Starts tomorrow. We will overnite on the road. This adventure,\ courtesy of Lee Barnes and the Association for Regnerative Culture, which paid for our registrations. Thank you!

Neither of us have ever hobnobbed with permaculturists from the southeastern part of the country before. Looking forward to the weekend, glamping in Charisse’s gigantic tent that she took to the Nevada desert for two months this past winter. Thunderstorms likely. And me with a fresh case of poison ivy. More Plutonian “humor.” Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn rules the skin . . .

Back online Monday, with tales to tell!



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  1. Lee Barnes says:

    Safe travels!

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