Does the Trump administration use astrology?

I swear: Yes, it does!

Latest case in point: in my post of two days ago, I spoke of the precise timing of the upcoming New Moon in Leo together with Mercury turning to go direct, the first at 11:12 pm, the second at 11:58 pm, tonight, July 31, and pointed out that the Mercury position in the zodiac during this time (23° Cancer) is nearly exactly opposite Pluto (21° Capricorn), WHICH ECHOES THE POSITIONS AND ASPECT OF THESE TWO PLANETS NATALLY WHEN THE U.S. WAS BORN. Mercury opposite Pluto happens to be the chief indicator in that chart, of this nation’s massive natal penchant for deep dark secrets, paranoia, control of information, etc. Plus, please remember, it takes 248 years for Pluto to make a single cycle; thus, Pluto is now beginning to head into its first ever Pluto return since the U.S. was born (2021-25), sure guarantee that this nation will go endure a powerful and unprecedented Plutonian death and rebirth process for the very first time, during these same years.

All of which means that tonight’s New Moon/Mercury turning opposite Pluto IS A BIG DEAL. I cannot emphasize this enough! It’s as if, this particular concatenation of New Moon (new beginning) with Mercury SD opposite Pluto (secrets coming into the open) is a harbinger of what is to come, turning a key that rings a bell that presages this nation’s historic rebirthing process.

And so,  given all the above, don’t you find it strange, and decidedly synchronous,  that, almost exactly 24 HOURS prior to the impending New Moon/Mercury SD combo, this latest Q post, which speaks of a 24-HOUR watch??!!?? In other words, the watch ends precisely as the New Moon/Mercury Direct signals go-ahead, time to begin the declass? 

As Q is so fond of saying, in many different ways, playing out “over time” into gobs of Qproofs:  “Timing is everything.” This “24-hour” astrological clue is another kind of  Q timing decode. Check it out:

P.S. I still think the promised declass docs won’t be released until AFTER this New Moon/Mercury SD, which means tomorrow, Thursday, August 1, not today, July 31, despite the next to last (#3565) Q post that says today. If they ARE released today, well then there’s egg on my face.

Meanwhile, am I a fool for paying such close attention to the uncannily close astrological timing with Q posts and declass, etc.?? If so, here’s another hilarious philosophy meme that illustrates my over-thinking capacities.

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