A bit of Plutonian humor during this Mercury/Pluto turning time . ..

For my ruminations on the upcoming Mercury SD/New Moon in Leo, check out yesterday;’s post. And for context, see the one I put up a few days ago about Trump’s upcomiong Progressed New Moon. That post, however, was so dense and convoluted that one reader actually called me out on it. He’s right. Even I, “the astrologer,” found myself drowning in all the various cycles and their configurations I was attempting to describe while sharing my sense of their more or less extreme portentiousness!

Meanwhile, last night, during my usual two hours of  of 2 AM wakefulness, I found myself noticing  all the deep, dark, Plutonian themes around here, all the nasty, death, dying, rotted and rotten stuff — e.g. a wasp nest in the Little Free Library in front of this house! “What? What shall we do?” Plus, gigantic shit in the toilet (won’t say whose, here) that despite hundreds of partial flushes, actually stopped up the toilet to the point where we didn’t dare shit in it again! Plus, we just discovered that puppy Shadow likes to eat new kitty Tiger’s shit out of the cat box! Plus the scam I went through a while ago, and the one Rebecca (now Charisse) went through just now (somebody from Ghana, grooming her on facetime for months to come save his nation with permaculture! Luckily, as soon as he asked for money, she knew better)! Plus some wild thing killing our young chickens, and insects of all kinds trying to steal or burrow into our garden veggies before we do, and the young cabbages that rotted from the heat — the list goes on.

Oh yeah, and there’s the friend of mine who keeps finding rotten smells in cupboards, death at work, but where? She’s used to her micro world mirroring the macro and so wonders: RBG? WJC? And oh please, let it not be Jeffrey Epstein!

Let’s just say that this meme, found on reddit’s page philosophy memes, made me laugh so hard my sides ached.

Hint: remember Neitzsche, who famously declared, “God is dead.”



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3 Responses to A bit of Plutonian humor during this Mercury/Pluto turning time . ..

  1. Hi Ann–What a laugh I had reading your post today! Your writings, your descriptions,
    just hilarious at times.

  2. Also laughed out loud! Have a good trip. Hopefully things will have shifted in the meantime. 🙂

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