DECLASS TO BEGIN: New Moon in Leo followed by Mercury Direct

THIS WEEK. DiGenova told Fox News (which I found on latest Q post, which pointed to a twitter thread), that he thinks by Wednesday (July 31) —

— I’d say more likely Thursday (August 1),  since the New Moon in Leo doesn’t occur until very late Wednesday night, at 11:12 PM, with Mercury turning to go direct (after three weeks retrograde) at 11:58 PM, 46 minutes later In other words, in a rare synchronous dance, both New Moon in Leo and Mercury direct occur almost simultaneously, just before the date shifts at midnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

Note especially the Mercury SD chart, set up for Washington DC, with the New Moon (at 9°08) still nearly exactly conjunct the Sun (at 8°39).



Three of the four angles (i.e., three of the four ends of the horizontal and vertical lines —Ascendant, Immum Coeli and Midheaven) are occupied by planets, signifying energies that are externalizing, moving out into the world. Mercury at the bottom of the chart (the IC), releasing information from below. Mercury on this root point works with two outer planets on angles that, together, signify boiling unconscious energies in the zeitgeist. Uranus at 6°34 Taurus within one degree of the 5°11 Ascendant: sudden, eruptive, even cataclysmic change; Pluto at 21°28 Capricorn within one degree of the 20°17 Capricorn Midheaven: detonation of enormous, hidden, structural power. Communicative Mercury itself, sits at 23°57 Cancer, just having turned to start forward motion again after three weeks retrograde during which we have been silently screaming, louder and louder, when will declass begin?

Well, it looks like we have our answer.

THE KEY: Mercury may have turned direct, but it does so within only two degrees of being opposed to powerful Pluto, in an uncanny, synchronous echo of the Mercury in Cancer/Pluto in Capricorn opposition in the U.S. natal chart at nearly identical locations on July 4, 1776. Censorship, control of information, powerful secrets, have always been a chief feature in the U.S, national psyche, but the difference is, now we, the people, know it. The Great Awakening has begun. The genie is out of the bottle and there’s no going back.



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