“Saint” Mother Theresa was Hell’s Angel?

I got wind of the comeuppance of Mother Theresa years ago, but this awful revelation never rose to the collective surface. Too many of us want to continue to venerate certain people as “living saints. ” By donating to their “causes,” we feel virtuous ourselves; so why would we not want to continue to be-LIE-ve in them as paragons of virtue in a world gone mad?

When I came across this new twitter thread, I decided to let the cat out of the bag, and email it to my own siblings, with the heading: “For those who are still with head in sand . . .” Every single one of my seven sibs remains Roman Catholic, in some form or other. Several of these forms I can very much appreciate: mystical Catholicism, for example, and those interested in social justice. Plus, one of my brothers, with our Catholic background, has transformed into a dance leader and composer for the Sufi-inspired Dances of Universal Peace, which promotes profound unifying truth within all religions.

And as Donald Trump tweeted recently: “TRUTH IS A FORCE OF NATURE!”

What a magnificent statement!

Truth is a force of nature, though at first it may piss us off. For example, this twitter thread will piss off anyone who is still bound and determined to love Mother Theresa.

It turns out her longtime Calcutta assistant was killed in a bar room brawl (suicided?) two days ago. This brought the larger yuck out in the open.


‘And did you notice? “Saint” Mother Theresa’s blue and white striped headdress echoes the stripes on the Temple on Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island. Coincidence?


Q: These people are sick!

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