Beyond Big Business: Let us DECENTRALIZE, down to each person’s connection with Mother Earth, first.

I keep thinking about how my political affiliations flipped from left to right. Or, I should say, from somewhat leftist to somewhat rightist. Actually, I’ve always considered myself an Independent, but in practice voted Democratic in all presidential elections until 2014, when I simply couldn’t stomach the idea of Hillary as president, and so protest voted for Jill Klein. But since Trump got into office, I’ve been more and more impressed with both his prowess and learning curve, not to mention the fact that he can obviously run circles around his opponents, freaking them out continuously so that all their attacks on him boomerang. It’s not for naught that Trump came into this planet with warrior Mars in kingly Leo on the Ascendant conjunct the royal star Regulus! He truly operates as a colossus, a mighty lion among mere mortals.

But let’s not go overboard. On the other hand, I realize that Trump’s world-view is limited, extremely limited, to that of Big Business as usual, and while he’d like to see a fairer playing field, and would love to break up both the big banks and the seemingly inevitable march towards a New World Order where all national boundaries are erased, all distinct cultures washed into some kind of mindless average that is easily controlled and dominated by some kind of centralized authority; while I applaud his ability to use social media to smash the so-called mainstream media into smithereens and recognize his use of language, as at all times, very deliberate, no matter how seeming spontaneous; while I love the apparent truth-stream coming out of what seems to be his partner,  Q,  since late October 2017,  keeping us abreast of a multi-leveled and long-term plan to overturn the deep state and drain the swamp; while I applaud all this, I am, even so, appalled, and even in despair when I think of how Trump simply does not connect with the complex interrelationships within and among Mother Earth and all her resident species including humans. Which is why I keep pounding out my mantra: “If Trump would just go barefoot in the forest on mushrooms!” If he would just connect — beyond his brilliant, zany, inventive, far-seeing mind and large, compassionate heart to the sensuous underpinings of his own body and its continuous emergence from the Earth body  . . . in short, its ALIVENESS, what would happen then?

Rather than Big Business dominating life on earth, let us decentralize beyond the nation state, down to localities, down to the interior of the individual human soul and his/her embodied connection to Mother Earth in her natural abundance and mysterious wisdom, which then radiates, in widening spheres of resonance and influence, with household, family, neighbors, friends, one’s town, region, etc.

Since industrialization, the direction of humans has been towards city life. Can we keep what’s good about the ferment of cities and recreate the way we think about the city, and our place in it? Or at least the suburbs? At this point, 49% of the U.S. population lives in either suburban or small metro counties, with 37% in cities, and 14% rural.  

The UN’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 would have us all squeezed together in cities, dependent for all our needs on some kind of central authority, with land outside of cities controlled by this same authority. All in order, supposedly, to save Mother Earth via “sustainable development.” You might want to read this:

How Many Have Heard of the UN’s Agenda 30?

Unfortunately, the phrase “sustainable development” is an oxymoron, impossible to fulfill this short-sighted, indeed mindless goal of endless economic growth on a finite planet — at least the way things stand now. (If we ever do seriously consider non-extractive “free energy,” that would or could change the nature of the life on earth.)


The Planetary Insanity of Eternal Economic Growth

And meanwhile, we in Green Acres Permaculture Village aim to demonstrate one way that the enormous suburban landscape of this continent can be transformed into tiny farms, everywhere, all of us working together, dedicated to our own individual and shared expression in specific localities. Village life, writ large, upon this, our beloved Mother Earth.



Each expressing our unique nature, who of us is left out?

Working together for a common goal, who of us does not feel fulfilled?

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2 Responses to Beyond Big Business: Let us DECENTRALIZE, down to each person’s connection with Mother Earth, first.

  1. James Wilson says:

    Dear Ann, thanks for leading the way! I have been a follower since Crone days. You showed the female perspective that was totally lacking in me.
    I attempted to imitate GAV here NM. without success. I have small complaint about the way you present your astrological analysis. If you would present in lay mans terms a synopsis then present for your astrology friends and people who speak the language.
    thank you, keep up the good work.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yeah, I know. That last astro post especially. I will aim to do better! It would be good to hear from you as to your experience with a GAV type place in NM. Want to email me? Or talk on phone? Let me know. 812-606-9563.

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