Donald Trump Astrology last half 2019-early 2020: Progressed New Moon, plus!

Note: see previous posts, for example, The Astrology of Trump and the U.S.A.

P.S. This is going to be an excessively astrological piece, but those who don’t want to explore that aspect of it can glean the meaning of the dates and times anyhow. 

Since 2015, and his entrance into the presidential race, Donald Trump has been ploughing through the final few years of his second progressed Moon cycle. On September 16 2019 this cycle will end, after nearly 30 years, and begin again, but in an entirely different sign than the last cycle. His last progressed Moon cycle started in early Leo. This one starts in early Virgo. And therein lies a huge difference, and a likely personal and public rebirth.

This lengthy cycle echoes the monthly lunar cycles — new moon beginning proceeding to full moon illumination at the half-way point, and then back to new moon again; but instead of  29.5 days, the progressed Moon cycle takes 27.5 years. And just as the monthly lunar cycles (when experienced consciously) describe the beginning, culmination, and completion of emotional processes (Moon) that tie in to one’s inner nature (the Sun) as it moves around the zodiac, so do the progressed Moon cycles, only much much longer.

The shorter the cycle, the less significant it is, because we have experienced it so many times before and have incorporated it into our being. Our experience of short cycles become so habitual, that they can recede into the unconscious as obvious, seemingly a part of our nature. Conversely, the longer the cycle, the more significant it is, the more it feels like a sustained encounter with the unknown; and therefore, the more meaning can be gleaned, the more lessons learned, from its full cycle once completed.

So this every-27.5-years shift is a a big deal for Donald Trump, and does truly indicate a brand new beginning for this beleagured and resilient elder who also happens to be the current President of the U.S.A. during what is possibly the most critical time in its still young history.

Trump has been ploughing through the final three years of his old progressed Moon cycle since 2015 and his presidential election run. In order to work emotionally and essentially with all the forces arrayed against him, he has had to call upon everything he has learned during his Leo progressed Moon cycle for the past 27.5 years!

Which means, that the progressed Moon cycle upcoming will be a brand new one, and whatever deep state forces are still trying to “get” him will most likely be surprised by the rebirth of Donald Trump into a brand new cycle that, rather than trying to continuously utilize his massive (Leo) ego to crush, boomerang, or transform external hostile forces, he will be working (Virgo) full bore, with extraordinary dedication and in part behind the scenes, in service, to help forge a transformed reality here on planet earth. (Why do I say that? See Saturn/Pluto, below.)

New Progressed Moon cycles are inaugurated when the progressed Moon, which moves about 13° per year (or slightly over 1° per month) catches up with the progressed Sun, which moves 1° per year.

(It’s easy to know when your progressed Sun is; from the day of birth, figure out which degree of what sign it was in, and then add the number of years you have lived since then. If, for example, you were born with the Sun at 5° of Taurus, then 25 years (and 25 degrees) later, your progressed Sun would enter Gemini, stay there for 30 years and 30 degrees, before entering Cancer, and so on. Progressions do not cancel, but overlay, natal positions and their meanings.

Progressed Moon cycles cannot be so easily gauged, since the Moon’s cycle itself is a little wiggly, and it moves so much faster than the easily calculated one year = one day of the progressed Sun. And in order to figure out when your first progressed Moon cycle itself started, you have to discover when the progressed Moon caught up with the progressed Sun for the first time..

For Donald Trump, the first progressed Moon cycle began when he was 14 and a half years old, in January 1961. At this point, the progressed Moon and the progressed Sun were both at 6° Cancer. As I recall, Trump was sent to a military boarding school not too long after that, which may, given the Sun/Moon combination in early Cancer, indicate that his mother thought him too tied to her, and needed either to give him a break or her a break from this closeness. Keep in mind that this cycle, all the way through, was imprinted with its original Cancerian signature. And remember that he was an avid student of his  father’s business acumen during most of this formative Cancerian period.

27.5 years later, the progressed Moon again caught up with the progressed Sun, in May of 1990, at 4°50 Leo. I imagine his self-expressive natal Leo persona (Mars conjunct Leo Ascendant) pumped up especially over the next few years during which progressions of  both Moon and Sun were in Leo, and again, especially towards the last few degrees of Leo when the progressed Sun crossed over his Mars/Ascendant combination. Indeed, these 27.5 years were dedicated to the swaggering triumph (usually) of the full-on Trumpian Leo persona.

In late 1991, his progressed Moon moved over his natal 26°47 Leo Mars, and then the 29°58 Leo Ascendant, three months later. In 2012, his progressed Sun moved over natal Mars. Did he begin to take a run for the presidency seriously then? In any case, from then on his star began to shine ever more brightly, as the progressed Sun moved up to and then crossed the 29°58 natal Leo Ascendant during the presidential run in 2016. And in fact, it was during the finale of his candidacy that his progressed Sun left Leo for Virgo. I wrote about this earlier, stating that his self-aggrandizing Leo, after a 30 year progressed Sun run, would now begin to buckle down for the hard, detailed, Virgo work of governing this country.

Trump’s “Progressed Sun” has moved into Virgo. What are the implications?

On the day that his progressed Sun moved into Virgo, his progressed Moon was in early Leo, and would travel through that sign for the next two years plus. That period has now ended. His progressed Moon is now entering Virgo, and on September 16 he will initiate a new (and his final) 27.5 year progressed Moon cycle as a doubly workaholic Virgo, damping down his natal Leo Mars/Ascendant emotionality and need for applause. I have a feeling that whatever is left of his self-aggrandizement is about to be overshadowed by the intensity and difficulty of actually analyzing, in detail, how to make it all work, or at least work out, in the end.

The double Virgo period that will be inaugurated on September 16, will last for 27 months (one degree per month, starting at the 3rd degree out of 30), and will see him through the end of this term and the beginning of the next, assuming he is re-elected. And after all, since Donald Trump is probably the world’s expert on how to go through bankruptcy, I do think that this skill that he has developed will be precisely (to use a Virgo term) what is desperately needed during this portentious time when we move from the now forming powerful, karmic Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, to be exact only once, in mid-January 2020, to — and this is even more significant — the first return of Pluto to its own natal position at 27°33 Capricorn since the birth of this nation on July 4, 1776.

Pluto is a 248 year cycle. Pluto symbolizes  the power of the life force itself, working at deep, underground levels, to kill off what is no longer viable and bring into form what seeks to be born. In Capricorn, Pluto, which, along with Saturn, set up all the original and continuing political and economic and geopolitical structures, will now either dismantle or profoundly rework them during this most momentous and likely, tumultuous, period since the founding of the U.S., a time period that will either make or break this nation as an entity.

Will this nation survive its Pluto return? I’m sure Trump wonders, too; and though he wouldn’t use this symbolic language, his large sober brain and heart know full well, and likely in detail, the hierarchy of structures that must either be demolished or thoroughly remastered, in order to see this nation — and its children and grandchildren — safely through to the other side.

And it’s got to be a slow, picky, detailed, painstaking process: VIRGO. Double Virgo, during the 27 months following his Progressed Moon’s return to the Progressed Sun at 3° Virgo on September 16, 2019.

Sabian Symbol for 3° Virgo:



Keynote: Invisible help and protection in times of crisis.


BTW: Barely two days pas his Progressed New Moon, on September 18th, serious, strict, goal-oriented Saturn will turn stationary direct. Karma is to come due.

Before that, from about the 10th to the 18th August, transit Mars will travel over Trump’s natal Mars and Ascendant. Expect him to display his full, bombastic  warrior persona during that time.

Then, beginning just after the Progressed New Moon on September 16 and lasting through early November, transit Jupiter, planet of luck, expansion, generosity, will again travel over his natal Gemini/Sagittarius Sun/Moon/Uranus/North/South Node eclipse area, to light up his enormous capacity for sudden and/or surprising Uranian communicaton (Gemini) with the public (Moon) in a massive expansion (Jupiter) of our way of understanding the world (Sagittarius). The first time Jupiter did this (Jan-March 2019) during its latest 12-year cycle over Trump’s powerful eclipse planets, we had the second State of the Nation address in January, and, shortly thereafter, the EO declaring an emergency to get the border wall built.

Two dates to be aware of this December 2019: December 12, when Jupiter trines Trump’s natal Uranus (surprise!) and December 29, when the transit Sun conjuncts transit Jupiter (lights up the long night in prep for new year).

Yes, our collective education continues, folks, and in fact ramps up. And though it’s not going to be exactly fun, it will be extremely instructive, and so paradigm shattering as to be nearly unimaginable, and all the while, fortunately, if Trump continues at the helm of state, guided by angels.

And remember, what happens the rest of this year is in preparation for, first, the exact Saturn/Pluto conjunction in mid-January, its effects especially rippling through March 2020, which itself will preface the long-running Pluto Return of the U.S. to its own natal place (2021-2025).


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