IS Epstein the MOAB, Red Pill for Normies?

While I once again urge you to do your own research, and to realize that any point of view is always infinitely smaller than the reality it pretends to cover, even so, we can, with assurance, I feel, see the Epstein detonation as the Mother of All Bombs (the MOAB), designed, ultimately, to bring us all together, assuming there are enough of us alive who are still human!

So please do watch watch this new Dave Janda interview, with Dave of X22 Report Spotlight. Amazing discussion of Epstein that starts with why they both decided to dedicate their lives to reporting alternative news.

Janda talks in detail about how he got redpilled, in 1988, while working as an orthopedic surgeon who traveled to Washington DC to help write appropriate legislation for health care reforms (he naively thought) . . . . his story held my attention completely! And I have a feeling that normies might just be able to stay tuned as well.

For those who are in the know, listen especially to the discussion from about minute 38 on. Very interesting and provocative, especially a question X22 Dave  asked: what will happen to this country, to the government, to the people, when they finally do realize that so many laws that are not good for America have been enacted under pressure by blackmailed politicians? (I.e., are these laws not legitimate?) This question is never answered.

This next, and much shorter, video is a sickening overview by Robert David Steele of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ), an event held in April 2018 that investigated the world-wide phenomena of Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse

What especially interested me about this video was Robert David Steele’s remark that child serving organizations, like Child Protection Services, for example, which now traffic children, did not start out that way. They started out as organizations staffed with sincere people, aiming to help children, and over time ended up hunting them. How? Since these organizations work with children, pedophiles are attracted to them; they then rise through the ranks to corrupt the mission of the organization. This feels very plausible to me, and will help me in redpilling a close friend who simply doesn’t understand how any human beings could act the way we say some are doing!

Well yes, we’ve allowed this abomination to go on so long precisely because we refused to believe that others could be so vile!

I’m reminded of a woman who headed up an Indiana Planned Parenthood office, and who also went to Haiti several times, to help after the Haiti earthquake in 2010. I know she was a good person (she died a few years ago), and so I wonder: what kind of silo was she in that 1) she didn’t recognize the PP focus on abortion as using babies and baby parts as commodities for sale, and 2) she didn’t understand Haiti as a prime spot for child trafficking? Given what we now know about the Clintons and Haiti, it’s feels downright counterintuitive NOT to link Clintons and PP with Haiti child trafficking.

But why Haiti? Check this out.

The tweets, videos and stories about Epstein and widening circles of his associates are proliferating at the speed of light. What I’ve posted here are several tiny radioactive nodes in the immense spider’s web that Epstein, apparently, sat in the middle of, or was placed there by Mossad, CIA, etc,¬† to snare and blackmail politicians, Hollywood, religion, government at every level to do the bidding of those above, including mayhem, destruction, refuge flows, and war (all of which produce lots of orphaned children to be trafficked).

Oh yeah, and BTW: did you know that Epstein’s plane had the same FAA tail number as a USG plane? That meant he was working for the DS, probably the Mossad/CIA.


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