Tarot Suddenly Looms into Public Awareness

And, as a number of commentators have pointed out, Trump’s forces are transforming the sometimes negative meaning given to the Tarot (and other occult, i.e, hidden, symbolic languages that can be used for good or evil) to positive meaning. YES!

This is happening on a number of different levels. I get most of my info about it first on twitter, where Julian’s Rum has a long fascinating thread on the Trump cards in the Tarot deck and their connection to Donald Trump. Identifying him with the Sun card —

— we might then identify the never-Trumpers as those who just can’t stand all his positive qualities. The fact is that he really does act like a King, and carries the weight of the entire world on his sturdy, 73-year-old shoulders. Plus, he’s a small child as well, blithely balanced on a horse, not a care in the world. Can you believe? How easily his profound dharma sits on his colossal, but mortal, being?

But how is it that he has not been assasinated, one might ask. As a dear friend of mine notes, millions of people pray for his safety daily, and for the safety of his family. That prayer creates a frequency field that helps to shield him from violent attack.

And, when will people learn that what they hate is a denied part of the self? And that rather than projecting that part of ourselves out, we must acknowledge it, recognize it, integrate it, use it to express our unique, personal dharma fully into the world?

The never-Trumpers’ virulent hatred is a denied reflection of the massive ego that Trump MUST have. We all have egos; of course we do. The still-in-denial never-Trumpers project their egos on to Trump. But ego, rightly used, not only protects the interior, but also becomes a lens to focus universal energy into the exterior. In Trump’s case, an unusually powerful lens (Mars in late Leo on the Ascendant under the star Regulus) that focuses energy on what must be done to begin to right the wrongs of centuries. How else could he accomplish the world-shaking transformations he and his partners seek?

And, I might add, more and more people are noting that he takes all that nasty energy coming toward him personally, and, rather than shielding himself from it, instantly converts it into fuel! He’s a one-man energy transformation MAGA who exists on 4-5 hours sleep, eats fast food, tweets constantly, all the while traveling the world, calling out daily MSM stories as fake, consulting with others in short or long meetings on a vast range of topics, and presiding over small, medium, and large events one after another after another. Whew!

BTW: Once again, let me say that I do wish he would trade precisely whacking small balls with cleated shoes on manicured poisoned “greens” for walking barefoot in a primeval forest on mushrooms. Maybe someday?

Pause for a personal story here: two nights ago I was at a local Science Club event, because, for once, the subject intrigued me: “The Dark Sides of Empathy,”  a presentation given by the author of a book by the same name, who teaches here at Indiana University. Usually, from my few times there, the audience has been less than 30; but this time the place, a coffee house, was jam-packed. Maybe 150 people altogether?

And, wouldn’t you know, almost the first words out of the speaker’s mouth were, “Does anyone here have empathy for Donald Trump?” And, at least from my position, it appeared that I was the ONLY ONE who (defiantly, strongly) raised my hand. Would a few others have raised their hands if they knew I was going to? Or was this usual bonding ritual in this academic town foreordained to end the usual way, with lots of laughter and camaraderie among the never-Trumpers.

The author promised to speak about Trump in the context of the Dark Sides of Empathy at the end, but, my two companions on the way home pointed out, he never really did.

Okay, end of personal story. Back to the Sun card and where it leads . . . First, to Jeffrey Epstein’s island sun dial, and then, the very next day after JulianRum’s thread appeared, this photo, from the White House with the Same Sun, with alternating pointed and wavy rays.

BTW: This thread ends up identifying the Sun as the 19th Trump card (2019), with the 20th card, Judgment (2020) and the final, 21st Trump card, The World (2021).

All I can say, is WOWOWOWOWOW!

Okay, so now check out Cobra’s latest, an extensive list of sources for those who want to dig into details of the many ramifications of what’s going down with the worldwide purge of pedophilia/satanism/sacrifice/trafficking, that began in earnest with NXIVM, and has ramped up to warp speed with the Jeffrey Epstein arrest. Not even the MSM can afford NOT to cover it now, and though they may try to pretend that the Epstein temple is a “gym,” and to use titles that identify, for example, “have sex with” as a euphemism for “rape of a minor,” it’s all going down, folks, it’s all going down.

BTW: Cobra is one of the sources that I sometimes let in to my awareness. Though I don’t understand all his talk about “toplet bombs” and  such, I do very much appreciate the compilation he has published here for anyone who wants to check out details in myriad directions, of what is going down on planet Earth at this critical time in history. And guess what he named it?! Another trump card from the Tarot deck.

The Tower Card


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