Alt-Epistemology: Did NASA Fake the Moon Landings?

This video says so, In my admittedly limited research, it seems that all versions of this theory turn on Stanley Kubrick, whether or not he faked the scene on the film set of (just completed) 2001. Some say he did because he “owed” the government for letting him have unusual access during his films; others that Kubrick’s (admittedly fictional) 2001 film itself was practice for the Moon Landing fake. Still others, that the government used Kubrick to fake the landing in case the real one didn’t work; but it did.

In these days of fake news, what’s fake? What was fake, is fake, will be fake? Is there any solid ground to stand upon?

What, really, does it mean to under-stand something, to “stand upon” something (see last line in above etymology) — including the Moon?

Unless we have verifiable “facts,” we cannot hope to build “real” (i.e., scientifically testable) hypotheses from them. But the word testable is a joke, since any controlled test is based on the possibility of a truly closed system. But are there any closed systems, when we can always make up “facts,” or “factoids,” as I have called them for near 40 years (way before CNN briefly picked up the neologism). Let’s face it: rather than being rock hard bullets (like “atoms” used to be in chemistry), each (so-called) fact(oid) has a half-life; and indeed, over time, melts away.

How much time? That’s the question. That’s always the question. Can a fact be something instantaneous, that hits you, not through one or more of your five external senses, but internally, like a bolt, out of the blue? And stays there, irreducible and immutable?  If so, isn’t that bolt better termed intuition?  Or — oops — might some of what we call intuition instead be mind-control, via nefarious “voice to skull” technology beamed into your brain?

It appears that even intuition may not be what the purists among us, including myself, want it to be, a near-certain source of Truth. And facts? Well, as we know, they are are incredibly messy, hard to untangle, and tend to get lost, overrun, merged, dissected, lied about, and even, overwhelmed, or contradicted, by “Alternative Facts,” something Counselor to the President  Kellyanne Conway first brought to public attention, during a much ballyhooed press conference in 2017. Check out how anti-Trump wikileaks parses this occasion.

But isn’t it the case that, for any theory, there are always alternative facts, that if known, by providing a larger or torqued context (i.e., consciously opening the supposedly “closed system”) might “disprove” the theory at hand? But what about the theory itself? Are there some theories, the foundations of which, the assumptions upon which they are based, that cannot themselves, be proved? Well, of course there are. See Godel’s Incompleteness Theorems. Every time we run up against the limits of our language, or more precisely, the limits of the conceptual framework we have constructed over centuries using language, then we are in “no man’s land,” or maybe I should say, we fall off even no man’s land into the void. The void of black space. Scary. So stay on the ground. Stand your ground. Defend your “position” as provably or at least probably “true.”

Okay, back to the moon landings. I search “moon landing” on, and drop #2225 says Moon Landings were NOT faked. That they were “real.” And furthermore, that there exist what tin foil hat conspirators (like me) like to call Secret Space Programs (and other “black” programs) that, Katherine Austin Fitts, for one, claims, have been funded by the missing trillions.


Get that?

Oh but wait a minute. Q also often says “disinfo is necessary.” In fact, if you search the site for that phrase, it pops up 42 times!

As much as there is an ancient, even archaic part of each of us that would like to believe Q is the new Biblical God, even Q says to do our own research. That even though Q does seem like the latest new, infallible external “authority figure,” it’s not.

So what IS real?

I have no idea. On the other hand, Q does seem to be quite masterful in the higher dimensional art of manipulating and prefiguring 3D space and time. As in “future proves past” of the many Qproofs. And furthermore: As was/is somebody else either in the government or pulling the strings of government, I would guess, aware of larger cycles in space/time.. Why do I say this?

Because, at the announced time of the first step on the Moon, that famous, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” the Moon in that chart (set for July 20, 1969, 2:56 AM EDT, Washington D.C), just happened to be exactly conjunct both Uranus and Jupiter which themselves, were conjunct (for the first time in 12 years) on exactly not only the same degree, but the same minute of the same degree! Furthermore, these three were, from Earth’s point of view, in the sign of Libra, connecting, balancing, one to one. Man to Mankind, Earth to Moon.

Jupiter/Uranus conjunct: A large, blinding, eureka moment.

If there’s any “evidence” that I tend to beLIEve beyond all other, it’s astrological!

On the other hand, remember, this moment could have been a set-up, a design, by NASA, or whoever has control of NASA, to produce that large, blinding, eureka moment that would forever transform our view of the world.

But has it? We’re still fighting down here on Mother Earth. Still greedy for stuff, still arguing over “truth.”  Still small-minded, whether or not we actually did go to the Moon way back then, 50 years ago.

And if we did, then why haven’t we been back since?

And if we didn’t, then what in hell is going on?

Either way, our epistemological confusion is both vast and imponderable.

I throw up my hands. I seek to work with all alternative “explanations” for any phenomena that I either personally identify, or is thrown to me by other people and all forms of media. And to then, choose the alternative that I prefer, to not just beLIEve, but to act upon, and to thereby, in concert with other likeminded folks, materialize vision and/or theory into “reality.” Whatever reality we want, make it real. Don’t just expect it to show up!

I do think that the problem with the Q phenomenon now, and all along, is that it encourages some to just sit in their chairs and eat popcorn, waiting to be saved, rather than picking themselves up and asking, who am I, what are my skills and talents and interests; how best can I contribute to my preferred version of a transformed Earth?

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7 Responses to Alt-Epistemology: Did NASA Fake the Moon Landings?

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    So much attention, so much national prestige at stake, failure was not an option.

    The movie sets where the back-up plan in the event we failed to return from our moon shot Apollo 11 Mission. Or, in the event communications failed even if the moon landing was otherwise successful.

    Sooner or later, there will be a release of film footage. We pulled it off without having to use the footage. The missing 18 minutes of tape, you remember….probably covered giving instructions to bury the film footage for 75 years.

  2. me says:

    Of course we didn’t go to the moon.

    NASA claims that they lost ALL of the telemetry data…ALL OF IT….let that sink in for a moment. The greatest achievement in the recorded history of mankind and they lost ALL the data. We went 7 times to the moon between 69 and 72 and then we stopped…? Van Allen Radiation belts to deal with on way there and way back, director of NASA (who came over during Operation Paperclip after WW2 with all the other Nazi scientists) Werner Von Braun even stated that it would take a rocket the size of the Empire State Building filled with fuel to just get to the moon 1 way, the litany of photographic PROOF that prove beyond any shadow (pun intended) of reasonable doubt that it was all staged on a set, documentaries by Bart Sibrel titled, Astronauts Gone Wild and A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Moon absolutely puts this to rest for once and all. You boomers have to let this go….just because you saw it on TV doesn’t make it real….which begs the question, do you really think that if the first manned mission to the moon was going to be a failure or end in a disaster that it would have been broadcast to the world….? Huge Psy-op thru the use of television programming of the masses for the first time.

    We never went to the moon….your getting closer and closer to Flat Earth reality.

  3. dave says:

    we absolutely did not go to the moon. i would love to discuss if i am can get this pesky bot to allow my comments to show up.

  4. Anthony says:

    I think you covered it – we’ve been to the moon (and Mars, Titan, Venus etc.) – but using different technology, possibly discovered by Tesla (BTW, do an internet search on Trump and his family connections to Tesla – it is interesting! Just don’t use Google.)

    In the end, what matters most is what your community is doing. Keep on keeping on, and educate the world on how to be self-sufficient!!

  5. rose day says:

    Thanks for this share . . . the comments are an added plus!

    It is now apparent that the Live-Televised-Events meme wherein trusting and innocently naïve viewers experience Live-Televised-Theatre instead, has essentially been a long-term proving ground in a seemingly ever-expanding experimentation in deception of the masses.

    The experiment was surely deemed a profound success when the masses bought the 9/11 theatre production hook, line and sinker, not in stupidity but rather in thrall to Theatre of the Absurd in a world wherein entertainment has become a benchmark for much that is deemed to be ‘true’.

    Perhaps Shakespeare nailed it and the world essentially is but a stage and the masses may be naught but players. That said, the fix may be in when the trusting and innocent masses ultimately master the Play.

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