#QBaby: Symbol of Regeneration?

“We’re going to have the country all set, for your child. Okay?”

In case you had trouble seeing the Q on the baby’s back in the video, here it is up close:

Here’s the front view of the baby and parents, with TRUMP on his chest.


Someone asked, but did Trump see the Q on the baby’s back? Seems like he did. Before the dad turned his baby around for the crowd to see, he had held the child to his chest, while slowly and deliberately using his hand to smooth down the back of the onesie he was wearing. (Can’t find that short video now, though I did see it!)

And of course, no matter how Trump disavowed it, this little scene, coming near the end of a long-winded speech that mostly (except for a long sharp verbal assault on the four young Democrats, i.e., the  “Squad”) repeated himself, suddenly woke everybody up. A decidedly LOL moment.

Meanwhile, on twitter, already this regenerative view of the #QBaby.



And yes, one is already pointing to the Q proof that this baby presents:

And geez! This new Qproof happened on July 17th! (Q, the 17th letter of the alphabet). And furthermore, as someone pointed out, instead of WWG1WGA meaning “Where we go one we go all,” it now means “Where we go ONESIE, we go all.” Clever!

Meanwhile, here’s Liz Crokin, weighing in.

Reading over the transcript, I see that Trump also had in several paragraphs earlier condemned late term abortion. At 1 hour, 4 minutes:

Virtually every democrat also now supports late term abortion, ripping babies straight from the mother’s womb right up until the moment of birth. Well then you have the governor of Virtinia, so we’re talking about late term, he ‘s talking about the baby is born before the mother makes the decision. That’s the first I’ve heard of it, that’s the first most of you have heard of it, and then they pass legislation in various states saying that’s okay.

This is a baby that’s born, this isn’t late term. This is a baby that’s born. Nobody’s every heard anything like that, nobody’s ever seen anything like it. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. . . What happened to our values? Republicans believe that every life is a sacred gift of God. That’s why I’ve asked Congress to prohibit extreme late term abortion of babies.

The extreme suffering of babies has been a strong theme for quite awhile: rape, trafficking, and sacrificing, as well as late term abortion. So this small child, lifted up for the whole world to see, is welcome.

And yet, we need to be careful when we elevate a baby to become a star. (Look what happens in Hollywood.) Hopefully the parents are wise enough not to allow the viral media broohaha to overwhelm and/or swell them into lasting, ugly “fame.”

Meanwhile, let the memes begin!

Oh, and for those into astrology, the timing of the surprise baby lift-up correlated with the Mercury/Mars conjunction in early Leo, just before Mercury turned to go Rx. Remember that? The quickly moving descendant of the chart at 8:48-8:49 PM EDT, 6/17/19, Greenville, NC, was 3° Leo. BINGO. Wow! Does Trump, like Reagan, use the services of an astrologer? He’s obviously into timing in lots of ways, perhaps this multidimensional maga timing device, too?

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