Nope. Not AKID. Just me, trying to do yoga.

For AKID, see this set of posts. It stood for “Ann Kreilkamp is Dead.”

About an hour ago, I was doing my floor exercises, and lay still for about ten seconds. Then I felt something crawl onto my back. Called in Dan to take a pic. Thought the pic would show new kitty Tiger sitting up. But no. He was lying down,  as if asleep, having been there for hours.


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3 Responses to Nope. Not AKID. Just me, trying to do yoga.

  1. You Catalini was rising. 😀

  2. Catalini – Kundalini …. Oh never mind!

  3. Anthony says:

    Actually, it looks more like a double-dose of catatonia.

    I miss not having a cat around. Tiger looks like a fun one. Get one of those feathers on a string and lead him to jump into pillows and chairs!

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