Alt-Epistemology: Time to Redpill the Masses

The Epstein apocalypse (the word apocalypse means “revelation”) has put the world on notice. Nothing is as it seemed (notice the past tense). The world has already changed.

And yet, what IS real? Who or what CAN be trusted?

One young friend tells me of his encounters with “normies”: for example, he says, they’ll talk about this year as the 50th anniversary of when Apollo went to the Moon. “But did we really go to the Moon?” He will ask. And they look at him as if he’s crazy.

Did we really go to the Moon? I have no idea. Arguments, with, I presume, “evidence,” are made either way.

All of which reminds me of the book I’m reading, From MAD to Madness. Here’s a typical page. Please read all the way through to get the full flavor.


All of which can be pretty well encapsulated in the phrase: we see what we expect to see. Our internal expectations govern our external perceptions; they are the invisible framework through which we both identify and assign meaning to various, what are now called, and with good reason, “narratives.” In other words, no longer single so-called “facts” count. What counts are the various ways we “connect the dots” — i.e., the so called ‘facts’.” And those ways are, let’s face it, infinite! Because we can always bring in another dot, and completely reframe the meaning, to create yet another gestalt.

All of which is why it’s very difficult to “convince,” through “logical argument,” anyone of anything. And why try? They have their “reality,” and you have yours. All of us in reality silos of our own making.

But . . . and it’s a big BUT!

Certain frameworks that we have absorbed (been mind-controlled into) individually are also (or have also been) embedded in the culture itself. For example, the MSM media, which had a monopoly on both identifying and framing “the news” for many decades.  Until, that is, the phrase “fake news” started to pop in. Did Trump invent the phrase? I doubt it. But his constant tweeting of this or that MSM news organ as fake has done the trick. More and more of us are realizing that the MSM media is the propaganda arm of the bluepilled masses. But now that MSM framework has been breaking down, thanks to the internet, and the literally infinite number of alt-media sources that we can point to that offer alternative points of view, ways to understand events, plus identifying and promoting events that have been in the shadows.

But as Paul Johnstone’s book points out, and I quote from the above: 

Okay. Now let’s look at memes, and what they have brought to the “storyline.” An emotional component, a “dominant mood”!

How do we feel about something governs how we choose elements to go into memes, both visual and words. For example, here’s one:

Anyone already redpilled and who keeps up with “the news,” will know what Area 51 refers to, the supposed day in September when what is it now, 700,000 people are going to invade Area 51, their motto something like this: ” gotta see them aliens!”

Anyone already redpilled will also see fb Zuckerman as a shill for the PTB. Voila! Put the two together, and what do we have? A way of understanding so-called events that doesn’t depend on argument, but rather on juxtaposition of patterns chosen because they fit the “dominant mood” of the meme creator.

But what will bluepilled people think of this meme? Probably not much. Though it may startle them, make them think, or at least start  thinking. Something about it “rings true.” What? the game is on, of questioning assumptions, looking at what you think and why, and beginning to see through its scrim, otherwise known as “the matrix.”

Then there’s the always supreme power of personal stories. Each one telling, “How I got redpilled.” For example, Brandon Straka, who ignited the “WalkAway” movement for Democrats in 2017.

By the way, though one might think that I, redpilled myself for the most part, am a die-hard Trumper, not so. But I do think he’s the president we need now, someone both fearless and fearsome in his capacity to take on any amount of bluepill negativity and transform it into even greater redpill capacity.

Here’s Bill Mitchell, a piece on the recent Social Media Summit, called by Trump, at the White House. I’ve only just begun to watch it, but know damn well that Trump, and probably all these folks, are way into alt-epistemology, though they probably wouldn’t use that term.

The point is folks, let’s remove our conceptual helmets and shake out our hair. Open our questing minds to the infinite universe. Let go of having to be certain, to be right, to prove anything. There is no such thing as “proof.” Proof is merely a form that we’ve agreed upon to help us stuff the burgeoning reality into some tiny box.

Let’s face it: we are playing with reality, we are always playing with reality; there’s no way we can ever encompass the vast mystery that envelops us, so why not surrender? What have we got to lose except for our massively old, boring, stuck world-views?

This is important. Because once we let go of certainty, there’s no more “justification” for war.




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2 Responses to Alt-Epistemology: Time to Redpill the Masses

  1. Max says:

    You Know. I think we actually did go to the moon. We knew one of the astronauts who went there and back. And had what could be characterized a mystical experience, which confused him as a scientist with a PhD.

    He went in to found an organization to study the gap between consciousness and science that is in its 4th decade.

    We know people who grew up in NASA. And was around at the time. If we didn’t go who ever pulled of the muse was brilliant. We have thousand of photos and video of people watching these huge tickets lift off at Launch.
    One doesn’t need to deny the moon program to make the case that individuals, gangs, and combines are continually at work undermining politics, power, and finance.

  2. Max says:

    I meant ruse not muse. Maybe muse works.

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