More on the Tiger and Shadow Show, plus —

Finally, for my fifth post today, during this Lunar Eclipse activating workaholic Saturn/Pluto . . .

Our decision to get a rescued kitty to add to our Overhill house has meant nonstop hilarity, especially given the dynamic and evolving relationship between Shadow and Tiger. You’d think they were friends, as the other day Tiger actually crawled into Shadow’s bed while Shadow was there and put his paws on Shadow’s side. Oh my!

Unfortunately, however, sometimes Tiger gets there before Shadow does. And he much prefers Shadow’s bed to his own recently purchased kitty bed.

Dan especially, loves his fearless, fiery personality. (Tiger is an Aries, born April 7).

Meanwhile, they now play hide and seek, Tiger tries to get Shadow’s food, and the latest, just this morning: Tiger’s flying attack on Shadow, from three feet away! Just all of a sudden! With no warning! Poor guy.

Meanwhile this morning also, in the first DeKist house, Camden and Solan were harvesting dried lemon balm, joined later, Camden told me, by Rebecca and Andreas.

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