Green Acres Village, First of three Work Parties, July 8: Completing “The Project”

One of the things we ask podmates when they come to live with us, is to be available for four or more hours of  (usually physical) work per week, preferably, but not necessarily, during our twice weekly work parties.

We all prefer working together. Time passes more swiftly, with lots of camaraderie, plus so much gets done so quickly! We thank Rebecca, who is in charge of the projects, deciding what we need to do, and when.

So, though we’ve taken the month off from Community Dinners, we are spending plenty of time doing stuff that needs to get done meanwhile!

Here are photos from the first of three work parties. The next two posts will detail the July 11 and July 15th work parties.


On this morning, we gathered to complete work on “The Project” that I reported on in last post, making a deep gravel path for water to safely pass by the first DeKist house and not get in underneath!

But first, Camden and Daisy mulched the bed I cleared out awhile ago —

— and here’s how the chicory bed, also newly cleared, planted and mulched, looks now.


And the bed around the corner, planted and newly mulched.


Okay, back to “The Project”:

Rebecca puts the finishing touches on the cover that goes on top of the deep ditch they made for the water to go through.

She needs to get it done before the rest of the gravel arrives, which it will do, soon, wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow.

I do wonder how many loads our strong young men wheeled over in all.

Here’s Dan, dumping a load.

Camden dumps another load.

Here’s Daisy, spreading the gravel.

And here’s the completed path! YES!

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