Green Acres Village, 3rd Work Party, July 15: clearing outside the fence

I’ve been hungering for this project to finally get going. All the rain has made everything both lush and jungle-like. Not always good, especially when we do want to consider the neighbors! After all, we are recreating a new (old) culture inside an existing culture, and the interface between them is not always easy.

Not that any neighbor complained. I was the one who felt antsy. So, yesterday morning, fully eight of us gathered, to clear out or thin some plants and leave others, chopping and dropping them in place afterwards, as more mulch. We’re going to sheet mulch parts of this bed another day, and for that job, we’ve saved cardboard and chips.

Here goes, starting with the DeKist side, a photo that makes us look so cooperative I’m tempted to call it iconic!


Oh, but meanwhile, there’s our classical pianist Andreas, contemplative as usual. (The for rent sign is not ours. See the tiny arrow?)

“Okay, Andreas, get to work!” Which he did, after dialing in some classical music on his phone for the workers to listen to.

At the corner of Overhill and DeKist, lots of volunteer garlic, which we will braid and dry.


Finishing up on the Overhill side.

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