Epstein Mossad?

For all of us who wonder, just what IS the relationship between the U.S. and Israel. . .

Here’s one version. True? Though I usually have trouble listening to Steve Piecznik, I sense that every word he says here comes directly from memories held in his gut. As if: “At last. It’s time. Now maybe people will believe me.”

Here’s another, which unlike the first version implicates Trump, too. Frankly, I find it annoying. But then, is it just because I do tend to trust Trump, because I do feel his heart is open? Or is it because I’ve read so many stories that detail how Trump, for decades, was well aware of the horrific corruption in the circles he ran in; that he worked as an informant for the CIA and FBI re: the NYC mob; that “white hat” military intelligence picked him as the lead figure in their decades-old plan to one day, expose it all, bring it all to a halt,  “drain the swamp.” That the Q phenomenon is there to let us know about The Plan.

Did Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Work for Mossad?

And check out this version. Implicates Mueller as Epstein’s handler, also working for CIA/FBI and Mossad.


Which brings us to Alex Acosta. Was he deliberately placed  as Secretary of Labor in the Trump administration, since when it came to light that he was apparently (but not really) the one to set up the original Epstein plea deal, that this notice would first troll the Democrats and then expose the corruption that led to the plea deal? In other words, was this entire scenario involving Epstein’s original plea deal one of Trump’s masterful 5D chess moves? Can’t find the story that I originally saw on this possibility, or I would link it. Sorry!

In any case, during this period of extremely heightened revelation and tension, check out this great meme!



There’s some talk that that Epstein will be tried under a military tribunal. Hmmm. . .  If so, will it be televised?

UPDATE: Wow! Maybe so . . .



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7 Responses to Epstein Mossad?

  1. James says:

    SeeEyeAye, MooseAid, who knows the truth – certainly we likely never will.
    Gordon thinks it is a diversionary limited hangout. I tend to agree…

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks for the reference! Interesting. I imagine that any “narrative,” i.e., any set of points that pretends to be bounded by a defined field, can be called a “limited hangout” if it exists within a larger one — which it always does!

  2. Anthony says:

    You’ve probably seen this, but if not I highly recommend this one-hour documentary on the Franklin/Boy’s Town scandal:


    The entire pedophilia/ritual sacrifice/drug and weapon-running scheme etc. came within *one hour* of being broadcast to the public 25 years ago – but it was buried; as were many of the people involved (and in some cases, quite literally).

    Since that time each and every instance of this subject ever hitting the MSM was buried, and deep. So, my question is:

    WHY NOW??

    (…afraid to write any more…)

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, have seen it, and others. For years, I’ve known. And people thought I was crazy.

      So why now? That IS the question, and I suggest the answer will be found if you investigate Trump’s history with the people of his class. Remember, he attended their drunken parties SOBER, and no doubt taking notes.I began to trust Trump BECAUSE of what I saw as his dedication to ending this scourge upon humanity that has probably been present, in one form or another, for centuries. Human sacrifice. Remember the old stories, the old myths? I was in a plaza in Central America, think it was Honduras, where these sacrifices had been performed. I forget whether it was Aztec or Mayan, I think the former. Trump truly is a man for the ages, a fearless colossus. His presidency is protected and given oomph by white hats in the military, since it coincides with the maturation of The Plan by military intelligence. (At least that’s Q’s version.) Let’s pray Trump survives his enemies, for they truly are legion, as they would be, given that a vast percentage of them have been blackmailed.

      • Anthony says:

        Boy, I hope you are right…because the *next* question to ask is: for all these millennia (it is far more than mere centuries), WHY did they do it?

        I hope you’re dressed properly, Ann; because before all this is over, we are going to see the Wizard…

        …and he isn’t from here…


  3. rose day says:

    Ann, I agree with Anthony’s view that the Epstein meme may be distraction yet there appears to be a new Ring-Master in the mix and all bets could be off regarding old expectations.

    As to ‘Other’ forces in play I would venture that present revelations are accounts of horrendous acts (present and past) of Human endeavors in a seemingly never-ending battle between Energetic Forces of good/evil, right/wrong, dark/light . . .

    Toss in ALL of the constructs of polarity which are designed by a comparatively small number 0f humans in order to control large numbers of humans and the recipe for Domination is revealed.

    We humans CAN short-circuit the paradigm . . . in a word . . . SOVEREIGNTY which is merely another word for SELF-responsibility . . . no ‘Other’ in the picture.

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