July 16 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and the U.S.A chart: Natal Mercury/Pluto opposition activated, plus a Jupiterian surprise!

If you recall, I alerted you to this month’s wild ride that ramped up on July 4th with a 6.4 and then a day later, a a 7.1 earthquake, both centered at the China Lake Military Base in California; these quakes (designed? engineered? if so, by whom?) just happened to sandwich the Salute to America July 4th extravaganza, which drew an enormous, overflowing MAGA crowd, and during which Trump lauded the military as an American treasure and spoke directly to the heart of the American people, merging Truth with Love, in a way that is seldom seen in politics. We as a people, were moved, some to tears.

Even I, who despise the militarism that has infected this country, was moved. And furthermore, I began to truly grok Trump’s strategy, Peace through Strength. He doesn’t want war, in fact, he has been amazingly adroit in avoiding it, even with neo-con advisors, and no matter what false flags the deep state tries to foment. But:  Trump knows that in order to create and ensure lasting peace in this still chaotic, fractious world, we need to be fully prepared for war at every moment.

What is more indicative of war and war-like posturing than Mars, in Leo, conjunct Mercury during the time of the solar eclipse?

July Astrology: EXPECT A WILD RIDE


The New Moon/Solar Eclipse chart also featured a heavy fixed square between Mercury/Mars in Leo and unpredictable Uranus in earthy Taurus, which ramped up over the next few days, as Mercury turned to go Rx on July 7th, and to back up over Mars. Thus, the massive earthquakes!

Then, on July 6th, only two days after the July 4th extravaganza and barely after the earthquakes, another earthquake, this one even more profound, because cultural, affecting everybody, at every level.

Re: Jeffrey Epstein arrest, and the OTHER large earthquake(s)

As if to underscore the significance of the Jeffrey Epstein arrest, Q came back with a vengeance on July 8th, and dropped 73 “breadcrumbs,” in short sustained bursts, through July 12. None today, yet.

No question, the ramifications of the Jeffrey Epstein arrest still dominate the news, and its widening significance shows no signs of slowing down. On this blog, for example, ever since he was arrested, every single post has somehow referred to this MOAB dropped into the nation’s psyche, precisely positioned to follow the 4th of July extravaganza which itself was used to ramp up patriotism in contrast to the sudden, shocking and ongoing revelations of horrific corruption, pedophilia, and satanism that have so infected not only our nation but our entire world, for decades, if not centuries.

So that’s the backstory. Whew! Just few notes on the reality of our predicted Wild Ride since the New Moon Solar Return.

Remember, New Moon eclipses signify an especially portentous new beginning; Full Moon eclipses signify the an especially portentous flowering of what began at the preceding New Moon. So get ready, our wild ride is NOT going to slow down. In fact, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, on July 16, will occur at 25°04 Cancer/Capricorn and thus stimulate what is perhaps the most difficult and profound feature of the natal U.S. chart, its opposition between Mercury and Pluto.

Yes, This full moon opposition, at 25°04 Cancer/Capricorn, happens to conjunct the natal U.S. Mercury at 24°11 Cancer opposite the U.S. Pluto at 27°32 Capricorn, which, itself, if you recall, will receive its very first Pluto return (it’s first return to its own natal place) between 2021 and 2026.

What does this full moon illumination of the Mercury/Pluto opposition signify? Examples: Paranoid (Pluto), and/or dominating communication (Mercury); polarized (opposed) powerful (Pluto) points of view (Mercury); propaganda (Pluto) used for mind (Mercury) control (Pluto) via MK Ultra, media and advertising; hidden and overwhelming (Pluto) surveillance (Mercury) of civilian population ; extreme and polarized points of view, and so on. All themes that are gradually becoming more and more prevalent and virulent. Whatever is revealed during this Full Moon/Lunar Return in Cancer/Capricorn will somehow be a stunning outgrowth of this slow-moving development of the natal Mercury/Pluto opposition in the U.S. chart. In fact, most likely, what goes on during the day of and for two weeks following this Full Moon will stun even the most red-pilled among us into sheer disbelief!

As Q said on June 27, a week before the shit hit the fan with the July 4th Celebration, Earthquakes, and Jeffrey Epstein, BE READY!

Oh and one more feature of the Full Moon/Lunar Return chart, and this one so amazing it seems miraculous:

Notice the Full Moon/Lunar Return/Ascendant, at 13°43 Sagittarius, conjunct transit Jupiter at 15°33 Sagittarius.

Now notice the natal U.S.A. chart. What is the Ascendant? 13°23 Sagittarius! In other words transit Jupiter is sitting on the natal U.S. Ascendant during this time (July, August, September), and furthermore, at the moment of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the three-month long Ascendant/Jupiter combination will be conjunct the U.S. Ascendant. BINGO!

Given that the Ascendant moves one degree every four minutes, I’m tempted say that this occasion may be divinely timed.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: Jupiter, planet of largesse, luck, generosity, and widening philosophical perspectives, in its own sign, Sagittarius, where it operates most powerfully. If we are fortunate, and Jupiter declares that we will be, then the events that are about to transpire around this July 16th Lunar Return/Full Moon full illumination of the original Solar Return/New Moon chart on July 2, will prove so momentous that they will begin to unify the warring ideological factions within this nation, via an enlargement of our world-view to not just include both, but to transcend them. That’s the promise in the long run.

Hmmm . . . Exterrestrial (and Interdimensional) Disclosure? Is that what’s in the offing?

Q: “Consider the Vastness of Space”

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