What would George Carlin say about Q?

Would he say Q is a crock, a con, a psy-op, a distraction? Or would he realize, like more and more of us do, that Americans are waking up, en masse, to Carlin’s point of view, in part thanks to Q, who has been providing an alternative (and often coded) “narrative” to the mainstream by integrating enormous numbers of political, sociological, and economic complexities — ever since his? her? their? late October, 2017 debut.

See qmap.pub.

And if you need an overview, plus, to get up to speed, see this:

After several months with Q posts few and far between, yesterday, in not quite six hours, between 5:58:56 and 11:50:59 p.m. EST, Q dropped 31 new posts, from #3353 to #3384, some recapping what has already been posted, others with new material for anons to dig through. Plus, Q+ is now explicitly identified as Potus, i,e., Trump.

The”Great Awakening” is proceeding so quickly now that it makes George Carlin’s pessimistic outlook look dated, for perhaps the very first time.

But remember, remember, as Bill Hicks, another so-called stand-up comedian, knew, and his insight penetrates below and above anything that we think, or think we think, or think others think, that it’s all JUST A RIDE!

So relax. Breathe. Love one another. Do good work.

Each of us, being and doing what each of us, specifically, is meant to do, to express into this suffering world — IMAGINE THE RESULTS! Keep on imagining this overflowing abundance as you go about your daily tasks, mindful, aware that you are contributing to the whole with every thought, word, and deed.

There are no extras in this play. Each of us, a starring role.

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